Kimetsu no yaiba

Predictions for next chapters? I’m thinking Zenitsu realizes who he truly loves and proposes to Tangerine

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No harlots allowed beyond this point.

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in all seriousness we're probs getting a funeral and possibly muzan gettin dragged to hell. if its the last chapter then probably timeskip shenanigans too

What do (you) mean by this?

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inferior ship baka

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Have you lost your mind?

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zenitsu getting beheaded


Tanji will save her husband

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fujoshits out out out

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GiyuShino chapter!

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Shinobu's dead eyes freak me out

Everybody is getting paired up. TanjiroxKanao, NezukoxZenitsu, InosukexAoi, GiyuxSanemi

bad thread but I'll post in it anyway because I'm addicted to this series god fucking damn it wani

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please no domestic violence

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this is a zenitsuthread

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So how many butters will Boar impregnate

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not like this user, not like this

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I want to eat Nezuko’s shit

>burial of the fallen

None because they're all weaklings unfit to host his spawn.


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You guys are already at the point of breakdown in the last quarter of the two week break we just did when this two week break has barely started

When are the next leaks out again?

9 days
we're going to go full retard aren't we

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Could be late Wednesday if we're very lucky, could be the Wednesday after that if not. Sometimes on planned 1-week breaks (like this golden week) the leakers get the issue very early for whatever reason.


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>Shitjirou self-inserter

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jokes on you, I already have brain damage

snek would get his dick demolished by love

>"god i wish i were that fucking rice"

Boring and cringe

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Any fanart of the "Survivors Squad" yet?

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Reminder that Love was a useless slut who was a joke character from start to end. Also she's ugly.


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>A kind woman who just wanted a husband died before ever marrying or bearing healthy children with her well-fed young body
A shame