Every reason why JoJo Diamond is Unbreakable sucks

I've just finished part 4 so I have everything fresh here to say, point by point, why this part is absolute dogshit compared to the previous parts. I'm not saying it is trash, I'm saying it compared to the previous parts it is ubertrash.

let's begin:
1st: the asspulls began on Dio vs Jotaro fight - each tarot card has a stand and an ability right? so why on earth would Star Platinum be the exact same kind of stand as The World?
>oh but jotaro only realised that when he fought Dio
not acceptable. Dio awoke his stand when they tried to shoot him. How many times has Jotaro been shot or on the verge of death in a situation where time stop could come at hand? Several. Hence, this is a major asspull.
>but now let's focus on part 4
Part 4 starts with a Joestar descendant. which is kind of ok because it's JoJo right. He is the son of Joseph, a bastard one, which is also very interesting. However, things start to go downhill from the very moment Jotaro meets him:
>edgy teenager who bitches about people's comments on his hair
>decides to sucker punch a relative who came to inform him of his inheritance and the dangers surrounding morioh JUST BECAUSE HE TALKED SHIT ABOUT HIS HAIR
>his stand can fix things but not the right way, because if he doesn't remeber how exact position each thing was
>that is why he deforms the face of a guy he had punched, but somehow, despite punching his hand through his mother's back and damaging all of her internal organs, she heals just fine and also doesn't remember it, even though she saw the scene
>reminder here that everyone josuke has ever hurt remeber the fact even though he healed them later; his mother, doesn't

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>okay so we have multiple stand users in this God forsaken town somehow, so jotaro and josuke become sam and dean in supernatural animated
>there is someone with a bow and an arrow creating stand users, which is really exciting, the reader creates expectations
>a few pages later you find out a guy was using the bow and arrow to create a stand user who could kills his father
>josuke says "hey man I can heal your father" but never does it, actually he doesn't even try to do that
>now red hot chilli pepper is the main villain, takes the bow and arrow and goes in the run
>we don't understand the reason behind red hot chilli pepper trying to create stand users, nor is it explained, but the story goes on
>red hot chilli pepper is defeated
>seems like the story is over
>joseph joestar comes back
>despite being only 10 years older than when he was in egypt, he is now senile, falling apart, nearly crippled etc etc
>let's just forget the fact that normal people aged 79 still think and talk perfectly, perhaps they have a little trouble when moving etc, but this guy was in perfect shape just a decade ago, he is still very muscular and, most important, is a hamon user, which was said since the first part that protects the user's health and vitality(proof being straight and lisa lisa)
>anyway, joseph now is an old fart with a mission: using hermit purple to find the threat(except now there isn't a threat, because the bow and arrow were recoverd)
>anyway we have a few father-son moments with josuke, which is kind of nice, but completely unpleasant since the kid is a major asshole

>invisible baby shows up
>zero relevance, in the end they don't even find her mother and joseph decides to adopt her
>let's just jump every monster of the week stand user that has a terrible, irrelevant motivation to mess with the main cast that is defeated everytime with no consequences AND decides "I'm not evil anymore, let me helo you" out of the blue
>now they have Yoshikage Kira as the main threat
>why? because a ghost said so! lol!
>anyway they decide to go after Yoshikage Kira because he killed a disgusting lifeform
>they find kira
>they defeat kira
>kira changes face
>they go to kira's house
>whoah the bow and arrow are here wtf shouldn't they be with the speedwagon foundation?
>anyway, a ghost in a photography flies away with the arrow and starts shooting random people because they would help his son
>so this kira guy is trying to live a normal life now right
>he even makes the wife of the guy he's passing himself as fall in love with him
>kira is a great husband and shags the lonely housewife now desperately in love
>but... the son has a hidden camera in his parents bedroom!
>why? I have no fucking idea
>this asspull makes the kid convinced his father is not actually his father
>bear in mind the kid is ELEVEN years old and is NOT a stand user
>BUT he is sherlock holmes apparently and believes in supernatural stuff such as possessing another man's body
>so the gang uses this kid and find kira
>the part is so lame that this shitty ass villain, that was more like a patric bateman with stand is defeated not by the current JoJo, but for fucking Jotaro
>this fight is so lame that Jotaro doesn't even say a command of his stand, he says Dio's stand cry: ZA WARUDO
>jesus christ could this get any worse?

Shut the fuck up these gay and repetive part-shitting posts, you colossal faggots.

>kira wakes up in the dead alley
>why the fuck would there be a dead alley in this town that shows up and disappears once in a while?
>anyway kira talks to one of his victims
>and he knows he can't look back
>and then kira dies
>end of part 4

>josuke says he can heal okuyasu’s father, but never does and doesn’t even try to
>rohan is a villain who would literally kill koichi to write his story
>anyway the kid loves rohan somehow and visits him everyday
>josuke had his eyes open when he looked at rohan’s stand, BUT HIS HAIR RAGE MAKES HIM BLIND HAHA WHO COULD HAVE THOUGHT
>and josuke beats the shit out of him anyway
>when koichi looks back, he should have been instantly taken by the dead alley; yet, rohan’s stand is apparently faster than the speed of light to make koichi blind(anyone who understands a tiny bit of physics know that was impossible)
>every bad guy becomes a good guy
>even the motorcycle hospital guy becomes a good guy
>crazy diamond brings back okuyasu just by the piece of his arm, but when it comes to kira’s hand, the hand goes to him. Okay.
>and a random alien appears for no fucking reason and no relevance at all
>joseph joestar doesn’t do a single thing. He doesn’t use his stand to find Kira, he doesn’t use his stand for jackshit except holding an invisible baby and trying to find her mother. That in the end doesn’t fucking show up
>then you may think he would talk to Tomoko and you’d get an explanation on how things happened between joseph and her, at least a little backstory on her

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>also, despite jotaro and everyone knowing the existence of another joestar in the inheritance, said by joseph himself, when he meets josuke he says he had no idea he had a son lol
>also, his son doesn’t want to see him every again lol
>every stand user is pointless, fucking pointless, the whole part looks filler as fuck, even kira
>seriously, part 1 had Dio vs Jonathan, the beginning of everything, vampires, hamon, the mistery of the stone mask, the hamon school etc
>part 2 has the origin of the stone mask, now they fight vampire gods with hamon training and everything that happens in each of these parts contributes to the ending
>part 3 introduces the concept of stand and completely drops hamon(I guess he needed to make some bucks and dropped the hamon, except for a few scenes with Joseph). Anyway, every fight is linked to the main villain, Dio, and every main cast character has his motivation to take down Dio
>part 4 is absent of all these things. Part 4 is merely a continuation to a story that was already over. Part 4 is not thrilling, not exciting and doesn’t have a single likeable character.

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most of this is just that you don't like Josuke's character and the rest is nitpicking. it just seems you have a bone to pick, I regret reading this.

Based. Part 4 is absolute dogshit.

I dare you to deffend this shitty part

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part 3 with asspull stands was shit too.

Same guy as OP, undoubtedly.

Part 4 sucks.


>I've just finished part 4
If you hate it so much why do you reread it from start to finish every day? Get some new bait, faggot.

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>lighting a gloved fist on fire so it doesn't instantly freeze
How fucking retarded are you?

That's not the point. The point is that no one cares enough for your opinion to matter. Sure, part 4 sucks, say that all you want I don't give a shit. What I do give a shit about is the fact that I've ALREADY SEEN A PART 4 HATE THREAD TODAY. AND YESTERDAY, AND THE DAY BEFORE THAT. You can say what you want about any part, just try doing ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL than this shit again and again.

He's trapped in a memory loop. He finishes part 4, makes this thread, and then has his memory erased so he watches it again. It's a sad life.


Possible ways to fix Part 4 that his wife's son dm on discord :
>Joseph tries to find Kira with hermit purple but fails and gets pictures of Kira's dad.
>yukako and koichi are in a healthy relationship.
>Kira starts getting withdrawal from not killing anyone and goes out to find a potential victim.
>Kira meets yukako (because stand users are destined to meet), holds himself back but act dangerous enough that yukako attacks him.
>Kira thinks that it is a legit attack and kills yukako.
>koichi finds out about yukakos death and goes into shock/depression.
>josuke has now a personal feud against Kira (something that was lacking from the real version) .
>Rohan spots the kid stalking someone and finds out the kids name.
>Joseph instantly locates the kids home and they head there (another one bites the dust goes into effect before they arrive)
>josuke and okuyasu locate Kira, fight him and kill Kira's dad.
>Kira is a little bit more competent and manages to take down jotaro. While okuyasu is still half dead and josuke is healing jotaro, Kira tries to make a getaway.
>Kira can't move and it turns out koichi is holding him down with echoes.
>Kira can't move an inch and is pushed to the ground, he starts talking to the girl who he wants to make the next bite the dust victim.
>before he finishes talking, he gets his head crushed by ambulance driven by Rohan (sometihing else we never got, the conclusion to the Rohan/Kira feud).
>spw promises to research okuyasus dad and the baby, giving them a hopeful ending.
>Basically, some characters/storylines that never got a payoff, get one now. Characters who were useless get a moment to shine. The main antagonist and protagonist get a little bit more of a personal feud.

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I like this part, but this is better

Go to a different board if you don't want to see anyone discuss anime and manga.

not a single argument in defense of part 4
which proves my point

part 4 is shit

Yeah the whole thing is really bizarre.

how to fix part 4:

>remove josuke and okuyasu
>koichi, rohan and yukako are the main characters
>the story kicks off with rohan investigating hauntings, odd things happening in morioh that aren't being explained until he goes down the alley
>he meets reimi in the same way but recognizes her instead of being told by some random grandpa she died to save him
>koichi meets rohan in the same way and goes through his shit but manages it by himself
>rohan ropes koichi into his investigation because he's rohan
>yukako is changed to feisty instead of psychotic and doesn't fade off after cinderella
>tamami, tonio, akira, aya, reimi and yuya are all recurring side characters who make the town feel quirky but don't vanish when araki is done with them
>tamami isn't outright villainous but misguided, koichi goes through the same shit with him but without the involvement of his family
>let's go eat italian happens with koichi and yukako instead
>akira is not evil and gets aged down a bit and becomes one of koichi's classmates, same with yuya
>kira still gets discovered because he's a gigantic retard
>yoshihiro is removed entirely or reworked into actual character
>angelo, keicho, hazamada, shigechi, janken kid, the alien, the tower guy, enigma boy and cheap trick don't exist

fuck you, this is an anime and manga discussion board
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based and redpilled

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The same type of stand makes perfect sense in the confines of part 3. Dio uses a Hermit Purple looking stand in one scene. The real explanation is that SP is unique within part 3 as it and the World do in fact look very similar. They are fully humanoid with faces. Only Silver Chariot and Hierophant Green come close.