Don't kid yourself

Okay guys lets not delude ourselves: Part 3 was basically the only good part of Jojo, followed by part 4 which is legitimately hilarious with all the side characters, the first part isn't bad, pretty basic adventure story, the second one falls flat and the fifth one is just abysmally gay and trying too hard without any of the epicness that made part 3 so kino, c'mon guys, lets all be honest with ourselves

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part 3 is the worst part because 2/3rds of it are pointless oneshot battles that don't progress the plot at all.

Part 3 is by far worst part.

Part 3 and 4 were honestly the worst because they were boring episodic shit with crappy characters.

Part 3 is lacking in creative fights because they mostly boil-down to Star Platinum punching something. Even Araki seemed to notice this, so he'd do something weird and stupid instead.

Jotaro could have walked up to Enya and punched her unconscious without even using his stand. Instead, SP inhales Justice and that somehow suffocates Enya.

Part 3 has a handfull of good moments that look great because most of it is mediocre.

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>don't progress the plot
The plot u just heard about? in the show ur watching? The show,,,, doesnt do.... the show?
Jojo is great because its random and badass, not because Giorno is super suave and has a dream, the more specific parts are ruined by trying and failing epicly to be nuanced, part 3 is perfect, the goal is simple, Get to egypt, the plan is simple, punch bad guys, and its applied beautifully
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7 is the best part

Literally the most correct post ever on the topic of jojo. Everyone who disagrees should jump off a bridge.

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here's your (You)

>the second one falls flat

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Part 1 - Mediocre
Part 2 - Mediocre
Part 3 - Good
Part 4 - Good
Part 5 - Dogshit
Part 6 - Good
Part 7 - Good
Part 8 - Mediocre



I just finished Part 3 and felt let down by the Jotaro vs. Dio fight. It boiled down to "actually, my stand is the exact same as yours, so I can win". It had no tension so Araki wrote in a bunch of character deaths to make it feel more intense. But the dead characters barely got any screen time between their injury and their death, so what's the point? I liked Part 2's finale much more.

that's fair desu

Animeonly, your opinion is worth less than a dogs life in jojo, actually read the whole series before speaking your smooth brain thoughts or kill yourself.

No. maybe one day


Only good part? Nah. Best part? Absolutely. Only SBR comes close but it stumbles in many ways that Part 3 succeeded.





It’s my favourite part, the most iconic part and the most widely accepted as the best part. Everyone on Yas Forums that “dislikes” it only does it out of pure contrarianism just because it’s so popular

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Based maybe their is hope for Yas Forums

All me.

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Literally me.

I only enjoyed part 2, all other parts are fucking boring

u just want to kiss giorno on the mouth

>low iq post
Says the dude who used an @ to respond.

Part 3 is objectively the best part, only contrarians disagree
I agree with the rest except for Part 2, I really liked it and it was the best looking JoJo

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