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They have been saying since like a week ago that they were going down for maintenance today.

There's been an advance warning on the front page for days for the maintenance today.

I knew it was going to be, but apparently I never come to the front page, because I didn't get it from there.

Do you still have to make an account to use that garbage site?

It will eventually die with the influx of retards from other sites. Remember when literally one borutard nearly killed it?

you can just search title + mangadex in google if youre lazy

I need to archive more series

It's gonna be back in 1-2 hrs anyway.

You don't need an account but many good features are available for members only. Like you can block all series w/ certain tags (like yaoi), make full chapter loading default, or access the hentai manga.

>don't pay the cloudflare mafua
>suddenly the site keeps running in many ((((problems))))

People really loves to complain for free stuff when they are so shit to pay for their own stuff

It has to do with the quarantine & mangarock dying. Their current down time is exceeding their previous peak time numbers since there's been an influx of new users to the site.

They're still using fucking mysql. That's their problem.

mangarock refugees OUT
Fuck OFF

Are there any alternative? They're missing a lot of chapters or titles.

>create an account just to access hentai manga

>using MySQL is a problem
>implying any of the nosql alternatives are better

MySQL is fine. They could've used MariaDB or Postgres but who the fuck cares, MySQL is still a classic.

>conveniently ignores the other 2 examples I gave because he got triggered
I already have Sad Panda for hentai.

Not like it would take that long to switch to another RDBMS.

It's already back up guys.

>blocking series just because they make you doubt your sexuality

>block tags
Nigga anyone who wants to read a manga will first decide which manga to read, then start reading it from any available website.
I can't even find a reason to use that feature, unless you're an autist who browses the front page and likes no "yaoi" in it.
>make full chapter loading default
I think what you mean by that is loading all chapter's page at once, right? 99% of manga websites offer this feature for fucking FREE, as well as loading one page at a time and etc...

Look grandpa, the hot new thing is MongoDB. No one wants to do all those complicated queries when you can just make everything a JavaScript object.

>implying I'm a guy

It was the most common asked feature in the forums for more than a year before it was implemented that's why I mentioned it since many people use it.
Yes, loading the full/complete chapter at once. It's available for free too but not default.

>>Nigga anyone who wants to read a manga will first decide which manga to read, then start reading it from any available website.
Fuck you faggot, I just want to be able to block out chink and gook shit from ever showing up anywhere on the site.

>you need to go nosql to serve up a website that exists to serve images and text and does nothing else


>not site:mangadex.org + title

It's locked behind account creation so the site doesn't get blocked in half of SEA again by the ISPs.

It's obviously more than that but also, you can have any type or make of db engine if you can't fucking configure it to handle a load like this without regular downtime. Maybe they lack rdbms expertise so nosql would be better for them? Who knows. Though I guess replacing the db backend would require a huge rewrite. It's as if the code couldn't really scale to the task at hand.

I bet you use nhentai.

The database was not the limiting factor. The hardware was. We haven't gone below our peak in February at any point in April, the lockdown really fucked our """future proofing""".