Worth a watch? I was a fan of Baccano so I want to see how it compares.

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It’s alright. Celty and her bf have a nice dynamic. Gets dumber in season 2 especially at the end. Not as good as Baccano but not as terrible as most of Yas Forums seems to think.

The two retards from Baccano make a cameo which is pretty funny

I'm currently watching it and it is boring af. What the fuck is the point of this show? Throw a bunch of characters at a wall and pray that you like one.

It's absolutely worth watching, it's one of my favourite series ever but a lot of people seem to dislike x2.

It's a good watch, personally I dropped it near the end of the final season despite really liking it because it just felt so repetitive

Don't watch it to compare to Baccano but watch it anyway it's great

that’s literally what Baccano was and it was great

it's good. if you're really into it i recommend starting the novels at volume 4 because x2 adapts the rest very sloppily not to mention studio shuka quality.




It has one of the worst anime OSTs I've ever fucking heard in my life.
Shit like this plays constantly

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it's great so watch it

not worth it

Fucking A, I hate how they played the same couple tracks every fucking ep

that OP was elite tier

Remember when this first aired and Yas Forums went crazy over that Dollars website?

it is pretty funny all things considered

i didn’t browse Yas Forums when I watched it but I immediately thought of here when I did

>ywn go back to early 2010s and watch all those trust me edits on old youtube and nnd
nah the ost is actually great overall and fits the show really well but that's probably my least favorite song on it. yoshimori is a great composer all things considered.

I enjoyed the soundtrack while watching but watching it out of context it feels extremely weird.

Idk, I thought this track was pretty good. Clear parody of Fur Elise and does a good job setting a casual mood.

Seasons 1 and 2 are pretty boss, Season 3 feels a little weak and Season 4 is a nice ending. I expected a bit more but I enjoyed it for what it was.

I’m glad Yasuda’s penchant for huge titties wasn’t confined to just Devil Survivor

this is unnatural

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yozakura quartet has a lot of good titty monsters in it as well.

the best part of durarara is daisuke ono screaming izaya

It was a bit boring not unwatchable though.

I picked it up mid last year and was really enjoying it until like around episode 20 I think? Then it quickly got really boring and I dropped it. Don't really know why, I think it might just be that I don't enjoy watching anime in general. Either that or same as this user

Not a fan, but I do enjoy seeing incredibly flawed characters bounce off each other, so it has that going for it.

From what I remember I wasn’t too big on the ghost sword stuff overtaking the whole plot near the end, and then x2 came and fucking did it again even harder

>he doesn't like Yasuda's anti-gravity tiddies
Get better taste, Yasuda is unironically the greatest artist to ever live.


The enlightened don’t answer to petty “laws” like physics.

Yeah the Saika stuff was pretty boring and did seem to drag on, but it was the plot after that that made me drop me it. When Masaomi took a central role with the yellow scarves. I couldn't get into it and it just felt like more of the same from the previous episodes.

For me, I'd say Celty and Shinra were the best parts. Along with Izaya, Shizuo and Simon.

Same, I usually love calm and contemplative anime but I tried this one yesterday and even the action scenes were boring as fuck.

Season 2: ah yes, it got a second season? I see...

It was pretty stupid that was supposed to be a gang leader in middle school, but I don’t remember disliking much beyond that.

Those are definitely my favorites, with Shinra’s dad being great too. Reminded me of Dib’s dad from Invader Zim