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Don't fall in love with me

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That's all for today. Looks like Kisaragi has a disposable camera. Recently, I found an old camera that had half of a roll of used film in it. It's probably at least 15 years old. There is something that's just more fun about waiting to see how they came out.

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What did Noda turn in?


>There is something that's just more fun about waiting to see how they came out.
If you are just making photos for your own leisure, yes. If you really need the thing to be photographed, and to be seen clearly on the photograph, digital camera is the way to go. Unless you already has the skills.
When you don't have the skills, being able to check if the photo came out in focus within seconds is much better than same but within hours needed to work the film.

At least it's not selfies.

>Don't fall in love with me
sorry OP, I already did

That’d have definitely happened if GA started in 2014.
Or maybe if it got a remake.

how can people see this and immediately declare noda as best girl?

thanks OP. I loved to replace the film roll, it felt like you were loading a tank shell or something


The exam yesterday showed that half of anons prefer Professor.

poor anons going to repeat classes

GA so cool!

Sensei annoys me with his stifling of Noda's creativity.
Thanks OP. Film camera also make you more careful and thoughtful about what you photograph, as film was both limited and costly.

I wonder what kind of flower is that.

>poor anons going to repeat classes
That's the Tomokane fans.

FUCK I forgot to add a "not" after "and"

No user had Tomokane as their best girl but only because I didn't take the test

Thanks OP.

A reason to not want a remake then.

I like and hate it at the same time. Original Run reminds me of the time I was their age

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Tomokane fans have given up on education and don't take tests, huh?

Can't get 9/10 from a trick question if you don't even take the test. This is the 4d chess move that'd I expect from Tomokane Blanco (兄).

This is nice. Reading together and strengthening bonds.

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You’re the all beat up user, right?

Yeah I found them after searching for a bit