Tropes that grind your gears extremely

>female character cuts off her long silky hair because muh character development

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I agree, it happens way too often, even in really cool stories like vinland saga with Gudrid, it's not bad per se but it's so overused that it takes me out of the story immediately

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All it does is scream "I'm a shit writer that just makes characters look worse instead of actually showing real development". Beat every last one.

>well trained assassin/killer looks cutesy
okay at best obnoxious at worst

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Unironically the only time this trope had a chance to be done right was Sakura from Naruto but Kishi dropped the ball real hard on that one


>if you kill your enemies they win

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Revived through the power of friendship

It's a really bad way to write character development but I don't hate it because short haired girls are superior

>short haired girls are superior

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>Main character loses his "innocence" only to revert back to normal the following arc.

You don't know the wonders of bald girls

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Token lesbian.
Pairing every side character with someone else.

It was done well in Akatsuki no Yona.

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Most of the time the character has been designed with long hair so when they cut it the character design gets ruined.

Lenalee and Mikasa do go nearly bad in their iteration of this shitty trope. They look like cancer patients.

Show them right now.
I NEED to see them

>Sakura looked better with short hair
>Could've been the start of her getting over Sasuke-kuuuuun~
>Could've been the start of her getting some actual fucking development
>Really honestly felt like she might grow as a character from this moment (admittedly I have my nostalgia goggles on a bit tight here)
>None of that happens and she stays the exact same throughout the rest of the manga
>Still pining over muh Sucksuke
>Still legendarily useless
And I still think about this because I'm an autist who grew up with this series and liked Sakura when I was younger, and look back on Naruto as an example of "how to supremely fuck up writing female characters"


>The MC is untouchable because muh plot armour

She looked better with long hair

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When the absurdly overpowered antagonist loses to the grossly underpowered protagonist because of “arrogance.”

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That's kind of true since you're still keeping the "Status Quo", but that's a thousand times better than calling a mass-murderer, the one that started wars, killed your parents and thousands the "Coolest Guy Ever!!".

Mine is how someone like Rito is depicted as the only guy worth shit in his series because everyone else is an idiot or a pervert.

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I agree with this, with the exception being Trigun. The way it was pulled off was fucking amazing.

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That's a kino trope though

>>female character cuts off her long silky hair because muh character development
Yeah they should have had short hair to begin with. Long hair rarely ever looks good.

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You hate that? Why? Also in the scene you posted, the main character's power was a perfect counter to the arrogant antagonist's own.

i can see you don't know much about writing

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>cool stories
>Vinland Saga
Pick One

There are plenty of anime I've seen where the girl cutting her hair is done for a specific reason while probably also being meant to be character development.

How is that faggotry? I prefer short hair too, it's a better taste anyways.

>cutesy characters being edgy
I like big evil guys doing cute stuff though

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Not him but because it doesn't make any fucking sense after all the passive power ups Gilgamesh has now, like clairvoyance or an automatic armor that will protect him from harm. Thanks to that Shirou's win started make even less sense.

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