Girls who wear powersuits or pilot mechs that you wud fug

Girls who wear powersuits or pilot mechs that you wud fug

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a man of taste I see

As a Ritsuko fag I'm supposed to loathe you, but I just can't


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Is Noa Izumi for fugging, or just for respecting the shit out of?

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>As a Ritsuko fag I'm supposed to loathe you, but I just can't
Since when? We're one broken family

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I don't care if she's a sociopath.

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So many top shelf babes to choose from

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Hey I'm okay with being wrong. It's just all the acrimony in the EVA waifu threads has infected my brain.

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I honestly never thought i'd meet another Nene enthusiast

pink>blonde though

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Mask breaking is hot. What anime

So not to be the guy who asks for sauce, but sauce?

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STAND: Moonchild

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Moldiver. It's a magical girl anime, just with power armor, cyborgs, and Fallout style gore.

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Huh. That's a lot more intense than the cute pictures of it I've seen.

Moldiver is fucking brutal man. Kinda catches you off guard, since other than the combat, it plays the 90's schoolgirl heroine tropes so straight.

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As far as I'm concerned, this is a real "plug suit".

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JESUS CHRIST! Cuz you see the cover and it's LOL CUTE SUPER GIRL SHOW

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bitch please. nene was the best, and her pink/red suit looks awesome.

would post pic, but everything died on the big HDD failure ;_;

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How gay was Linna for Priss. I mean I get it, Priss was hot but goddamn you can see the gay

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I have no idea how I came to possess it, but when I was young I somehow had a VHS of this one fucking episode with no other context and my innocent mind was unable to process this scene. When I finally figured out what this was called many years later, I discovered I had seen the second to last episode and all of the enemy girls were revealed to have survived perfectly fine in the last episode because they were androids. Is it me or was there absolutely no indication of that beforehand? Why did she have bones and guts coming out? The rest of the show is nowhere near as brutal as that one episode.

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I don't remember them having any hints outside of them working with a mad scientist or something. As for the organs thing? Ionno. I mean an android (gynoid) would have some kind of internal structure.