For me, its Berserk but with an ending

For me, its Berserk but with an ending.

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feels like forever

Did Clare groom Raki?

>its Berserk
Is it that bad?

will we ever get a proper adaptation? loved the manga, and the best stuff happens right after the anime dropped (still, it was a good adaptation of the first chapters)

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For me it is the fun Berserk with an end.

Also what would be the best way to enter Claymore? Watch anime then go manga, or from start to finish go with manga?

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the anime is really a 1:1 adaptation of the first 10 or so volumes, the manga was far from finished the time the anime aired so the anime improvised an ending for the last two episodes.
you can watch the anime and then switch to the volume 10 or 11 of the manga and continue from there.

>female protag
Nah senpai, i aint gay

>reading manga for the male protags
that's hella gay

For me, it's Claymore but it's currently running in WSJ, READ IT YOU FUCKS

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Claymore was pretty good until the power rankings went wonky near the end.

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I prefered Angel no Densetsu, even if it was a little too long.

Berserk is garbage hard shounen made for edgy teens. So yes, it's bad.

absolute stacy manga
virgins cannot read this

What a fag

For me, it's Transformation and Fetish Porn.

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A really bad ending though, overall it's great though i love how most of it focused on "side" characters instead of Claire.

Sorry i can't relate to a woman like you

>wait months for a short chapter
>it is bad as it has been for the last 20 years
>not even the art can save it now
I-It's good trust me.

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Other than somewhat similar designs once in a while and a dark tone, CSM and Claymore have very few similarities.

>Woaahhh... Is that a monster!! WTF what an epic design
I just summed up Berserk for anyone who hasn't read it. Read something worthwhile instead. If you enjoy a dark story, HxH is something you will enjoy, since it actually has dark themes and interesting characters. If you are someone reading manga only for the visuals (which are sub-par even in Berserk) read Vagabond.

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I still don't get how retards are mad that they never ventured outside of the island. The Claymores had no reason to engage in that conflict and all of their pain and suffering has been because of it anyway.

I guess you just mentally filtered Puck and all the other non-combat stuff?

Epic shota elf played for gags.
>all the other non-combat stuff
Like... Uh... the time when they like... Ehhh... Talked about like politics and stuff? Or when they.... Ahhh.... Eh.... Guts got NTR'd by Griffith?

What's it like with so much filter? How did he gather up that large group in your eyes? Kill demons and they just randomly started following him?

Claymore doesn't have the comedy and the happy go luck main character Chainsaw man has.

post a better character that's not named teresa. I doubt you can.

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I'm not the one you are replying to but why are you falling for obvious bait?
You are feeding someone who just want replies and attention. What happened to Yas Forums
Fucks sake

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>Kill demons and they just randomly started following him?
Unironically what happened with every single person in his group.
Guts killed some soldiers and SEXXX LMAO!!!
>Shota boy
Guts was fucking epic and cool so he had to follow him
He killed a bunch of rude church guys.
Guts slayed a bunch of guys so he had to follow him WOW
>Witch loli
Guts needs help slaying demons so he has to have a walking asspull follow him around

Have you even read berserk? It is actually like that.

but I'm already reading it, user.