So it's come to my attention that there are many drama illiterate retards on this board that don't understand the difference between drama and melodrama.
I often hear that 3-gatsu is the pinnacle of anime drama, but this is wrong. One of the aspects of 3-gatsu people refer to as a strength is it's "subtly" in it's theme. It's certainly not good to explicitly state the theme of a story in most instances, but 3-gatsu actually exemplifies the opposite problem where the theme is so vague and not really foreshadowed in any significant way that it just comes across as indecisive and timid writing.
Take Nagisa's route and After Story from Clannad (VN) for example, where both of these story arcs have a clear and decisive theme from start to finish, where the story is built around said themes. 3-gatsu in contrast is reluctant to ever suggest or even hint at it's themes, and it's not obvious what direction the characters are headed and for what thematic purpose. Clannad has focus where 3-gatsu is indecisive and vague.
It is because of these reasons I feel that 3-gatsu is a true melodrama by definition where a melodrama is not built around a central theme like a normal drama, but rather built around conveying emotions of sadness or joy.

>tl;dr 3-gatsu is melodrama by definiton, so it can't be the pinnacle of anime drama

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How many times are you going to make this thread? sage

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havent seen it desu

You fucked up.
Also as many times as I need. I will pound this truth into anons head.

No, melodrama is VEG and koe no katachi

Not this shit again. Why are you starting this shounen console war bullshit between sangatsu and Clannad after story. You do realize you're only gonna bring more hate towards clannad by doing this right?
There's nothing similar between the two series.

You're wrong and a fag, but I can't disagree with those digits.

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>There's nothing similar between the two series.
Okay user. Then next time someone on any board claims that 3-gatsu is a better drama than x (This happens all the fucking time and you know it), I expect you to be the first to call them out on their bullshit.

That statement is definitely true, but I doubt you know what melodrama means given that you can't see 3-gatsu has themes that can only be derived if you look at it with a microscope, which is to say no theme at all.

My only problem with OP is that he/she/it seems to be trying to say that melodrama makes 3-gatsu infereior.
Just because something is melodramatic doesn't make it inferior to drama.
Also, Clannad AS is shit.

>Just because something is melodramatic doesn't make it inferior to drama.
I actually agree with you, but it does mean its not drama. That was the only point I was making.

Your wrong about AS though, so kys

Clannad is fucking garbage bro. Cringe. Also 3gatsu is just a masturbation big boobs hot loli fap mommy fantasy for otaku like you and me

>Also 3gatsu is just a masturbation big boobs hot loli fap mommy fantasy for otaku like you and me
As all good anime should be

The manga is fine, or at least if you likevthe characters, Shogi, and food.
Bow, about the only question that matters in this series:
when will Rei deflower Hina?

never, he's an emasculated manlet


Is there a JUST edit of rei out there somewhere, we need it right now

>Trips (of death)
Noooooo. Poor Rei, he will die as a virgin, and being marked by the number 4 three times, it only means his death will come soon.
RIP, Rei.

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I think the only drama that really occurred in 3-gatsu was hina's arc.

>3-gatsu is badly written, that's why is good
I agree only with the first part.

Retard I'm OP and I agree with you. Read it again.

This show is even more offensive than the worst haremshit you can think of, this guy have everything at the tip of his dick yet "WAAA POOR ME" for 45 episodes straight, this the pinnacle of self-insert fantasies.

> this guy have everything at the tip of his dick yet "WAAA POOR ME" for 45 episodes straight

Based and true. The rest is shonen tier Shogi cat bullshit

3-gatsu is the greatest anime drama of all time and honestly not a single thing you can name beats it. 3-gatsu is so fucking good.

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>when will Rei deflower Akari?

Then stay strong on your opinion. I feel the same way about a lot of flawed works I've enjoyed over the years.

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>Those mouths

Yas Forums gets worse by the day, and what's worse is that it isn't just because of the usual shonentards and Yas Forums and Yas Forums immigrants, even purely Yas Forums shitposters seem to be more stubborn and autistic than ever before. Obviously there's this faggot, who is probably the one that a few weeks ago spammed similar threads about Shigatsu, but think also about the infinite spamming about SoraYori and VEG, the Madoka autism, ACK, etc. One day soon it won't be worth it to come here at all.

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