Kanojo, Okarishimasu 139

Don't read this trash manga, but it seems the new chapter has the main girl naked and the stalker MC peeping on her.

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How original.

Whorezuru is so boring

Who want old girls when jussy JKs available?

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It's nice that her breasts have a realistic amount of sag rather than the plastic looking big boobs other girls have.

>no mami
I sleep.

Any more artists who draw like that?

Nothing happens the manga

Reiji should take a hint and stop giving Chizuru so much spotlight.

This arc is terrible and boring.

This manga really should've concluded after the audition.

Weren't they supposed to shot the scene at get back? They stayed the night and should go back already, their staying longer now? When will this arc end?

do not read this manga, it is trash
trash girls
trash story
trash MC

only art is decent, you can just skip to the fanservice scenes and ignore all the dialogue

I feel like I did back when Nisekoi was around 2/3 done and we had what seemed like 50 chapters of nothing.

I want it to progress, but at the same time, every week that nothing happens I laugh.

>and the stalker MC peeping on her.
Why would you lie?

You even got the number wrong it's 138 and there are translations up on mangadex, but not by the usual group, if anyone is interested.

No Nips?
Pretty certain the author drew Chizuru's Nips the last time she was naked

Manga is so bad i decode the ~mystery~ at chapter 1

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Imagine following a romcom thinking it's a psychological serie

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>Ruka is back
I wake

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>Don't read this trash manga

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Fucking Christ this MC is so obnoxious.

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