Domestic Girlfriend

Hina is a vegetable and there are only 4 chapters left.

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Hina a best
Rui a shit

Why is she wearing a strainer?

Nevermind. Vegetable + Strainer. Just got the visual gag. This manga is pretty funny.


The bait and switch is coming bros. My dog can feel it already.

>4 chapters left
>Suddenly all this fucking drama

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As a Ruifag, if there truly is a bait and switch in the last 4 chapters I won't even be mad. Truly would be sasuga, kei

>Hina a vegetable for 15 years
>wakes up
>starts dating Nat's son
>happy ending for everyone
At least that would be blood related incest

She's perfect now

What the fuck is that faggot doing who wanted to burn Kei alive? People are just not reliable anymore.

Dump the chapter faggot.

Based HunterChad.

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> yokata
What the fuck
Are they happy that Hina was trucked

>Hina dies
>Natsuo writes about it
>Becomes best selling book
>Rich and famous
>Lives great life to old age with Rui

They are happy she’s alive.

I can already see the ending
> Natsuo spends days to weeks in the hospital by Hina's side
> Rui breaks up with Natsuo seeing his true feelings pour out
> Natsuo pledges to marry Hina
> Hina wakes up
> Asks why
> It's because you're the domestic kanojo

Let me guess. She will be in coma for 1 year or so and when she wakes up she will be visited by Natsuo and Rui holding a baby.

>Hina wakes up at the end of next chapter
>There was a timeskip in between, it's five years later
>Natsuo and Rui are happily married and expecting their 3rd child
>Hina pretends to have amnesia

She's gonna wake up, but only forget Natsuo for some reason. Calling it now.

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>hina is the domestic girlfriend after her accident


>Next chapter the bartender will tell Natsuo everything

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Another quality chapter I see.

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Just like kei said
>happy ending for everyone

>MC starts scanlating and begging for shekels because he has to stay at home to take care of his bed-ridden domestic gf

Is this KGNE 2?

i never believed the whole "kei is doing this to make the hinafags that bitch at her on twitter suffer even more" but now im convinced that it's true. her suffering level is just too ridiculous at this point. sasuga would rather make hina a possible vegetable or wipe her memories than make her move on. the western hinafags really got to her

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She's fucking pregnant.
If Kei actually pulls a final bait and switch in the end that would require the three of them to live in a polygamy which is by the way illegal in Japan so I doubt it'll happen.

It really says more about her than about the retarded twitter drones to be honest.

Fucking based, would be kino

>it's okay to have pre-marital pregnancy but not polygamy without legal union



Sasuga doesn't have the balls to do the revelation, because that would be shedding the bad light on Rui and Rui is clearly her golden child.

>it's okay to have pre-marital pregnancy
yes it is

I think I've cracked it, this is truly a possible ending
>Hinacoma - nap mode for unknown time
>Life continues, Natsuo Rui wedding approaches
>Also baby died or something doesn't matter not important probably would've been black like the meme anyway
>Vacant bridesmaid - tribute to Hinacoma (Momo done dirty)
>Natsuo and Rui at the altar
>Do you take Best girl to be your wife
>Church doors burst open
>Some fag like Hinas hotel friends or maybe the bartender runs in
>Hina woke up!!11
>Natsuo looks at Rui one last time
>Runs out of the church to the hospital
>Two page spread of crying Rui in wedding dress
>I guess I wasn't the domestic kanojo
I guarantee you this will be the ending

Holy based Kei. Poor Hina though, she is shit but she doesn't deserve this either.

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