Edens Zero 92


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how's everyone

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congrats to whoever called that
see you in two weeks
unless crunchy fucks up again

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Homura was really brutal here

most important page over here

the bait

So dude is basically Hades. Normally invicible but he got a machine that fucks him up if destroyed.


>called that
How? Was there a hint or what? Wasn’t Labilia really supposed to be missing?

>Bad end homura never ever

Thanks for dumping

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I feel like Wind might join or ally. I honestly don’t remember the others very well besides Earth.

the dragon effect in the slash looks pretty sick. When we get an anime, I hope she gets some cool effects added to her sword swings, especially like this.

If anyone joins, it'd be the Wind siblings, but honestly it kinda feels like we don't need them at this point. We already got enough of a crew as is. Doesn't NEED to be a guild size thing like FT was.

I'm doing okay, I think

She's not missing, it seems Drakken caught the police spy from Digitalis, who disguised herself as Labilla. Or she let herself be caught.

I believe initially people were suspicious of them finding Labilia, and she wasn't all beat up and tortured. Then as people thought about it more, and it looked more like Drakken Joe would be taken down this arc, people began to think that "Labilia" was Amira in disguise with the real Labilia elsewhere. Amira's main ability is disguising herself, and her goal was to take down Drakken. So it would make sense that Amira would show up this arc disguised as someone, with the obvious candidate being Labilia. The real Labilia is likely either in another cell of DJ's and Amira was just imitating Labilia so they'd spring her from the cell, or the real Labilia is in "protective custody" somewhere so that Amira could take her place in getting grabbed, so that she could get on board DJ's ship.

Mashima didnt wanted to degenerate Homura even though he's done a lot of things to erza, to the point that doujins seems to be a childs play

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That's interesting can he majin buu people and use their ether gear?
Also pretty fucked up she has an emotion surpressing machine.

Have we seen Weiz's butt yet? I can't remember if it got censored.

okay why