Tower of God anime

only 2 Days guys for Androssi Zahard
EP5 preview:

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Who would win in a fight? Urek or the entire Khun family?

Koon NO-HOMO version

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Khun because he had sex with the girls he wanted to


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Koon family
Urek is stronger than eduan but not enough to survive a 1 vs 50000 match

reminder androsshits are too retarded to edit a basic two sentence post to their favor

This is your God, FUG.
I don't know why I like this image so much. I think its simplicity simply tickles me

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all he has to do is kill eduan and the others can't kill him because he's immortal.

>best girl

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Phantaminum when


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only 10 family heads are immortal urek can be killed by a regular so Eduan children can destroy the Gap between Eduan and Urek

God I want to be choked by her armpits

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Urek, quite obviously. The power scale is exponential, normal or high rankers can't even touch the top 10.


As I'm rereading and I'm in Hell Train, a potential plot revolving around one of White's bodies becoming his new center, subsequently altering its personality significantly, would have been nice to see.
But nah SIU, just add tons of characters and forget absolutely everything or decide to do little interesting things beyond the MC. Too bad Prime White is more interesting than what's going on in One Piece this week

It kinda makes me sad that Bam as Viole is interesting as fuck. Can't point a finger to it. And even he seem struggling to keep the Bam persona present instead of just going Viole again

Pretty sure karaka is a girl

I won't watch it

>has no personality
>barely speaks

Viole was the best Baam but Baam doesnt want this life but is being forced by others to accept it

That's the best part.
He doesn't bitch too much when he's viole.

most likely Koon family but they arn't enemies - The Father is known for fucking so he must have a lot of children - would explain why we see a lot of koon members

this was a good one. Italy capitulated.

Viole is literally just a mopier Sasuke.

At least he's silent and doesn't fuck around when his friends are in danger and more proactive instead.

Give Xia Xia an automatic rifle.

I'll give her my DICK.

Damn I want AA to fuck me so bad.

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Don't do it user, the child support would drain your bank account.

S2 when?