Saki: Tanoshii

Achiga chapter 22 and Shinohayu chapter 78 double Igarashi special double Akio translation special.

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This isn't the Hayari-Shino-Kanna threesome I expected.

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Shino was the only one from Yumachi to qualify, so she's travelling all alone.

The Komosawa team will also be heading to Tokyo.

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Shino's meeting with her old friends.

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The bird ends the chapter. Next one in a month.

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Now for the second chapter of neo-Achiga.

That looks like Hayari and Yoshik Kainou. So the long-haired long-skirted woman is probably Shino herself?

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There are a lot of two-page spreads in this chapter.

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It's Tokyo Big Sight!

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This is exactly what I wanted to see: telling the bits of story that got axed out of the main manga. It's nice to get a proper pre-finals hype session instead of the rushed one Ritz drew.

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Clothe-swap sexual tension.

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Of course, making an Achiga-hen was odd since Achiga already gets the most focus in the main manga. I'd rather they flesh this this obscure school out more, they seem to get little spotlight.

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The favorites to win, after their crushing semifinal victory.

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It's the champion!

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