Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos

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Pure kino.
As of right now my anime for the year.

Is this by the same people who made that one about the statue idol group?

Why would you do this?

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To show of what a chad you are when you are going to the ecclesia.


was kinda sad they changed the song

This is the only anime i'm watching this season, i tried watching the one with the crow girl but it was just another gloomy romance anime, Gleipnir but it was just another edgy anime and Listeners but it was just another attempt to clone Chobits and Eureka 7
Olympia Kyklos is pure fun and originality, i don't know if i'm outgrowing anime or if I'm just getting older but i'm loving this show

more like kino desu ne

>Why are you naked? What what's hanging off of you
>What? Why, my pe

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>tfw nobody appreciates this masterpiece

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>a song about tying up your foreskin
Thanks Japan.

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While the anime is entertaining in its own right, anyone else prefer the atmosphere of the manga?

Yes. PLINIVS and Thermae Romae is fantastic too and you can see how the author is a ancientmediteraniancivilization-boo. But that is ok because she does a fantastic job of setting the mood.

Yes. The anime is much more comedic where as the manga is a comedy but has a serious atmosphere.

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So it was big, right?

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The ara ara seems to confirm it

A kynodesmē (Greek: κυνοδέσμη, English translation: "dog tie") was a cord or string[1] or sometimes a leather strip that was worn by some athletes in Ancient Greece and Etruria to prevent the exposure of the glans penis in public. It was tied tightly around the akroposthion, the part of the foreskin that extended beyond the glans.
The kynodesme was worn temporarily while in public and could be taken off and put back on at will. It could either be attached to a waist band to expose the scrotum, or tied to the base of the penis so that the penis appeared to curl upwards. The public exposure of the penis head was regarded by the Greeks as dishonourable and shameful, something only seen in slaves and barbarians.[1] Modesty and decency demanded that men who showed themselves naked in a public setting, such as athletes or actors, must conceal their glans.[1][2]

Barbarians, all of you.

The tone is so different, they might as well be completely different titles.

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>Exposing your penis and balls is fine
>Exposing the glans specifically is barbaric

True.But l like both of them for different reasons.

Once again I feel blessed to be uncut.

I'm pretty sure the Greeks exercised for fun and athleticism a lot as well but still, fun stuff

It's always nice to see Greek representation in anime

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They did, but he thought the school fair was like the olympics which were serious stuff.

Give me some more classical manga suggestions, please.

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The 2 fucking girls at the end.

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>jews are the epitome of barbarie
Based Greeks


Americans too

>gib recs
There is a board for that.


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