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My penis is 17cm long.
What's her reaction?

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The crime of the century is that they didn't get Nendos. Imagine having a 1:1 Hakumei and Mikochi, would have been adorable.

> just like my dick

Not nendo but these prize figs are 1:1. I also got Konju but I can't be arsed to take a picture of her.

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I can't fucking believe Konju is dead

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smol thread

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Dicklet thread?

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Femanons please humiliate me for having a 14cm dick

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Thread so small I almost missed it.

Is it a cute thread?

Not as cute as you.

>c**mers ruin smol thread by automatically assuming it's about peni

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I love you user

Scans when

It's been more than a year now.

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Medium hair Hakumei is cute

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Yes start by humiliating


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Stop talking about dicks you degenerates. This here is a necromancer thread.

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Making Sen cry should be a crime against humanity.

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I missed you guys. I have been thinking about a rewatch but I just finished it for a third time a few months ago.

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If you haven't read the manga I recommend it, though you could argue that the adaptation is so faithful you don't need it. Very nice and comfy and good art.

She's crying cause she's happy to see them.

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>Crim is triple the size