This is now Yas Forums's beach thread, post swimwear

This is now Yas Forums's beach thread, post swimwear.

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Literally perfect design.

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Would make half-elfs with

She is a dwarf analog, also a cursed suit of armor.

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When will this get an English release?


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Honestly, i don't think anyone gives much of a shit about the series she hails from or what her canon race/origin is. She and Pirotess are both the most iconic of all choco elves. Nerds can scream "NOT AN ELF" all they want, but when people fap to her big tits, thick thighs and sexy sexy elf ears, they aren't thinking "cursed suit of armor"

I have no issue with that.

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there needs to be more animes where the girls wear bikinis all the time

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This is more like a begging thread.


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flat is justice.

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Bring your dog to the beach

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A cat is fine too.

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