Girls peeing

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>pee episode
Why did they do it?

It was the finishing touch that made SnW 10/10.

And the 10/10 touch that made me finish.

Is toilet OK too?

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was she passing a kidney stone or what?

This one is unironically my favorite episode of all the shows i have seen

What do anime girl toilets smell like?

How can she sit like that with her feet off the floor?

Because you like piss so much or is there more to it?

Piss is best when they enjoy it.

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>mfw peeing

>girls' face when peeing
:3 ... :O ... >.

their peeholes aren't rifled so it just goes SPLSPDLSPLFPDLGPLPHL so it's scary because they could get mad splashback

A mix of personal stuff and love for piss

cute alien

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still my favorite

You're not a girl, that's why.

>make an entire series about girls camping in the wilderness
>not a single peeing scene
I'm still mad

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i know right

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Their campsites all had toilets.

>super serious episode about the origins of their world
>followed by omorashi episode

But why?

She's trying to hold back the pee.