JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

>You will never see Araki's true vision for Josuke vs Kira because editors made him remove the time travel

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>It's his editors fault now

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Bites The Dust only goes back one hour, the delinquent was just some guy not Josuke.

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The guy with the pomp was a ghost. It was setting-up Reimi, not Bites The Dust.

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Editors prevented Araki from making Jotaro gay to keep the series going

No source for that. Besides, Kira V. Josuke was a fucking awesome fight, why would anyone want to change it.

BTD only goes back an hour because that's what the editors forced Araki into doing, you absolute fucking mong brainlet. If you weren't an anime only fag then you would know that there is a lot of set up for BTD going farther back in time than just an hour, including Josuke's hair origin story

Do you enjoy spreading lies for (you)'s, user?

>that's what the editors forced Araki into doing
Got any evidence of this user?

>Jotaro gay
Let's also not forget that Jotaro has been characterized as a lolifag and a wincest chad in the past as well

why didn't Shizuka become a JoHoe?

What's a johoe?

a JoBro but less gay

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obvious meant for the JoJo parts taking place further in the future i.e. Stone Ocean

you got proof?

Why would a 12 year old be in prison?

>Why would a 12 year old be in prison?
Wasn't there literally a little boy in the prison?
Also Anne in Stardust Crusaders, little kids can be shits

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I don’t get why those retards forced him to stop the time traveling storyline midway. He already planted the seeds for it and then he had to make a dumb excuse for it like “uhh it was just some random kid that looks exactly like him standing all bruised and bloodied in the middle of the forrest during a snowstorm at that specific time”

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this, araki cocksuckers will disagree

Where's the proof faggot?

Seethe retard if you know anything about modern Japanese culture you would know that Josuke's look was meant to be a delinquent from the 80's. But when the mysterious man saved him Josuke wanted to adapt the look despite it being outdated which is why everyone makes fun of his dumb hair because it's a outdated delinquent style. It was never meant to be a big time travel mystery plot retard.