Angel beats was 10 years ago and Charlotte 5 years ago

And at the start of the month official twitter account posted soon?

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an special maybe? or probably announcing a new work

IMO both stories had really good potential but not enough time to develop and explore the characters and their respective world

I welcome more of my wife at any time, but I highly doubt Charlotte will get a sequel or anything. Perhaps another ova based on the chapters of the manga that didn't make it into the anime. Kinda hoping for a VN

Either way, If it leads to more merch and art of Nao, I would be very happy.

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>it's been 5 years since Charlotte
where does the time go

Angel Beats made me sad, I know I would understand more from a re-watch but I dream the tears

I unironically liked both don't @ me

Will manage Maeda use anime format properly on his third time?

Where the FUCK is the reast of the Angel Beats VN MAEDAAAAAAA

They have their moments

>hoping for a VN from KEY
Turned out pretty well for Angel Beats.

Whatever they do, don't give it to PA Works

Is Maeda ok? How is his heart condition?

I don't think they'll continue the VN project, Maeda's heart condition killed it.

What the hell happaned to KEY? They produced so many great VNs and now they're literally dead

Summer Pockets by KyoAni soon bros.

Maeda jun left to make make a mobile gacha game.

the mobile gacha game got delayed.

they lost the keyhole

Gave me a good chuckle

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The collaboration with Cinderella Girls, of course!

Fuck no, I want to stay as far away from CG as as possible.

It will be 12 episodes and be poorly paced again and you will like it.

Uh, user...

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Maeda didn't really leave. He just stepped down from being main writer. It was Hinoue who left. Whole thing is kinda about that Old Key staff is trying to pass the torch on newcomers.

Fuck, as long as it's not my waifu who ends up in there. I don't want to go back to IM@S.

I was thinking for some time. How could it be expensive to hire Hinoue on something, considering that she is freelance now?

Angel Beats would have been AOTY if all the main characters got their backstories fully told like Otonoashi

Never ever

I literally don't remember anything about angel beat. Is it the most forgettable story ever?

angel beats was sad but in other areas it was a mess

Something about people dying and going to a sort of heaven because they had to realize something before they could move on. I believe?