[HorribleSubs] Fruits Basket S2 (2019) - 04 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Fruits Basket S2 (2019) - 04 [720p].mkv
Can this episode make up for last episode's lack of best boy?

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>Yuki mo PEACE
Cow is pretty great.

That was a pretty cute detail

>Kureno next week

I like all the ways they've added to the source material, that's really cute and in character extra

I need to catch up with this, fuck, due to corona I just thought everything was going to get cancelled.

You're not wrong in assuming that.

all these people touching my surrogate mommy is making me angry

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Let's go bird

Yuki is a shitty son. At least Tohru's surrogate daughter defended her against her cousins autism

>tfw no big tiddied older goth gf
The only downside is the emotional issues

no homo but cow is wasted on that horse cunt

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people love to shit on akito and the mom but this mega cunt is where most of the issues lie

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Rin is a good girl. Literally does everything she can for Haru she just went about it the wrong way. Her offering to fuck Shigure for information is the only bad thing she did

Her, Ren, Akira, and Kureno are all responsible for Akito being such an asshole

no wonder rat boy turned out the way he did mommy always goes above and beyond for her "son"

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Did Kyo punch Haru in the manga as well? I thought he just grabbed his arm,I kinda like the change though, makes it more dramatic

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bad horse size edition of rin

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iirc he does hit him

I'm really glad they finally addressed Kyo's regret over harming Tohru. I kind of had a problem with how the characters just pretended it didn't happen. Did kyo apologize in the manga at all or did the anime cut it?

He apologized a couple of chapters start it happened in the manga, when she still had bandages from it. I think they're building up to that happening just before they go to the beach house

He apologized during Ritsu's introduction in the manga
He might do it next episode in the anime

Cat best boy

she's a tall horse

Cute Tohru.

Imagine her with a big horse penis.