Parallel Paradise ch.118 RAW

Orgy time!

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When girl desires humiliation and you grant it to her!

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>1 chapter translated per month
Someone needs to snipe this away from the current scanlator

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Let's closer examine this M species!

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Rather than snipe, it would be more efective to help them. Or we end with third group that eventually stuck on 1 chapter per month.

>Orgy time
Absolutely based Lynn

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I wish he brought some others with him for this, or at least included the new girl.

I thought she was fucking off?
I'm so lost

The fujo girl is here, and shes new for me who only reads the translation

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Time for rest to join the action.

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Wh-what is he drinking?


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They call it "Mead". Not sure, if it's actual real life mead, but it's definitelly alcoholic.

Time to hear lewd wish each particular girl! Which one would you grant first?

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It would be hotter if they did not remove them all. Just remove underwear and expose breasts.

god i wish that were me

Sorry, but your MC is a weak drinker. So no wish granting!

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For fuck's sake

That bottom panel is great.

But that's not really a problem, if you leave your ripped body behind, so girls can serve yourself alone. Vivat emancipation and self-sufficient women. Just wait what comes on next page...

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What the fuck

This fucking "manga" I swear

...on second thought, what follows is maybe too hot to be released on a magazine or be posted on this Christian board. So buy Vol. 12 tankoubon that comes next year, if you want to know what happened in between those pages. For now, just look at aftermatch of said orgy to little imagine how wild it was.

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>see this
>what do

I'm going to beat the shit out of every poster itt

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