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What's with this boy and why do I keep seeing him?



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No thank you, little girl.

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Her arc was two episodes too long desu. In fact you could combine season 1 and 2, focus exclusively on the Nagisa/After Story plot, and the anime goes from being debatable great to indisputably incredible.

What would Fuuko's tights smell like?


domo I was out of hard tack

Even just removing the stupid cat arc and the loli would improve it greatly

Saw the show growing up and I don't know how it'd fare if I rewatched it. Wasn't there a bit in the story that focused on one of the girl's parents investigating the supernatural? It basically got us nowhere. I remember watching that and thinking that it was completely unnecessary, but maybe they felt like they had to put it in to have some sort of "tie" with the tiny supernatural concept that the show makes use of.

It's dozo you fucking imbecile

Dropped it after her arc. Does it get better?

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Mejor gózame ésta, mami.

It's the autistic barefoot girl's arc, it's completely pointless

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Just to clarify, if the arc isn't focused on Nagisa, her parents, Ushio, or Tomoyas dad then it basically can be dropped entirely without losing comprehension of the main story. In fact, in terms of watch time you really only need to watch maybe 4 episodes worth of content from season 1 to understand literally everything you need to know for After Story.

Jesus christ the cat arc was so fucking weird. Again, Clannad could have been 20 episodes focused on Nagisas route/after story and it would be arguably the perfect anime drama. I don't understand why vn adaptations tend to get this treatment. One thing that makes Steins;Gate a great adaptation is because it focuses on one route

Unironically skip to episode 9 of season 2. Thats when things get so good that it really sets the bar for not only anime but good drama in general.

the cat and loli were good & enjoyable though

Since when is it legal for children to post on this board?

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>lol anyone that likes annoying melodrama over the masterpiece of the nagisa/after story arc is underage lol I got em guys im so big brain

I want to sex Kotomi

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Why not refute the points and join in on the discussion?

>Why not refute the points and join in on the discussion?
What say you?

is she looking at me or trough me?

I'd love to join in a discussion, but all I can see here are plebs proposing to skip certain parts of a show they don't understand.

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shut up nigger

>don't understand
parts that the anime was unable to spend sufficient time with, retard

Ah yes, the endless inane dialogue with looping music in the background and images of girls with sameface is absolutely necessary to appreciate the masterpiece that is Clannad.

>endless inane dialogue
And that's how you spot an illiterate.

>plebs proposing to skip certain parts of a show they don't understand.
So tell me then, why are the subplots that dont involve Nagisa, her parents, Sunohara, Ushio, or Tomoyas father necessary to promote the central theme of Clannad? The theme is not to shut yourself out from the world, because even though loving people can hurt you it's always worth it when compared to living life like a drone. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. This was Clannads most powerful message, and it simply doesn't need the additional side plots to do it.

It's obvious you just don't like the core concepts of Clannad. What do you want, just fight scenes?

What is your problem man? All of these people are telling you that they think Clannad is a masterpiece, but that the anime may have had too much filler. You're not arguing with 3-Gatsu tards trying to tell you Clannad is moe shit.

Would you agree that the theme said is the core concept?

>A show can only have one central theme
Clannad had more than that going for it. Another big focus of the show was the brutality of growing up and leaving your adolescence behind. All of these characters introduced in S1 became part of Tomoya's group of friends, his circle of confidants, and helped him overcome his past difficulties together with Nagisa.
We get to meet them just like Tomoya does and grow attached to them.
So seeing them all scatter apart in AS, slowly alienating from each other as they enter adulthood, which is just another natural part of growing up, is supposed to hurt. It portrays the loss of friendship in a more natural way than any other work of fiction I have seen yet.

So, since you obviously can't comprehend a text with so many words at once, here the short version for you:
The sub plots of S1 and AS do have a central theme and are indispensible for the impact of the after graduation arcs in after story.

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Clannad means family

and all of this is explain this the most boring, most awful possible way. Your point?