Dragon ball super

Who has the best and happiest life in the series?

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Bulma. Rich, care-free, in on all of the secrets of the universe, family balance, loyal dick when she wants it.

Also, enter CUTEn.

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>Has a drinking problem
>Also smokes
Bulma has a terrible life and is coping with the fact she married an autistic ape.

Goten is such a good boy, I wish they gave him something to do. And separate from that spoiled brat Kid Trunks

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>Gohan is taller than Goku

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>ignored by his husband, who literally trains all day
>son is mischievous bastard
>slut, with his mom being one too and his father a cuck
>sensible about his age, using even the dragon balls to not look old

He is actually only taller by him for one inch. Though yamcha, tenshinhan and piccolo mogs goku's height.

Who are you talking about?

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I wish he was as relevant as kid Gohan was



The people that like vegeta only like him for comedy. And I don't fault them, he is very funny.

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>t. Chichi

VILLAINS IN Z (not counting minors that get BTFO'd in three seconds/panels and non-canon):
>Vegeta (later anti-hero and then hero)
>King Cold
>Dr. Gero
>Android 19
>Android 18
>Android 17
>Majin Vegeta
>Majin Buu
>Super Buu
>Kid Buu
VILLAINS IN SUPER (not counting minors that get BTFO'd in three seconds/panels and non-canon):
>Goku Black

I think DBS needs at least two more major villains before going to EoZ

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I would like him if he was his own character instead of just an excuse to make the fusion. At least trunks existence is justified with future trunks.

Goten, and he pretty much became an orphan without a family once

Not about future gohan, slut.

Why is Gohan such a fag?

>I have superpowers, but I'd rather study instead

Not Broly

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>one-shots Vegeta
>one-shots Cell
>one-shots Buu
>one-shots Shisami
>one-shots Kefla
>one-shots Seven Three
>one-shots Saganbo
Enter CHADhan.

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>Live in a shithole planet for 40 years while father electroshocks you in case your inherited powers goes out of control
>Be sold like a slave to the Freeza army
>Witnesses his father die
>Gets trounced by Gogeta and sent back to his shithole planet
>Canonically a 40+ year old virgin
Why does this guy have such bad fortune?

>ignored by her* husband
Wrong, that would be Chichi

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They both do. In goku's case is mostly because he travels thorugh the World.

>Begita let's do this gay shit and get new hair colors but don't let our kids have them so we can make them completely useless
Waku Waku!

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Vegeta is the strongest of the dragon team only behind goku. He is relevant even if he is jobber.

Ever heard of Android 20? Remember when Vegeta ripped his arms off?

Post proof then. We've actually seen Vegeta hanging out with his wife and child

About bulma. She is a tranny.

Android 20 is Dr Gero and you're talking about Android 19

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>We've actually seen Vegeta hanging out with his wife and child
When? Anime stuff aside, we haven't seen either goku or vegeta being with their family that much outside of training in the house for example.

Goku FUCKED Videl


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Reminder that it is now CANON that Future Trunks helped Vegeta become SSJG

This but unironically. Kakarot is canon.

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BASED. Tori has finally realized that super is non canon trash

Reminder Vegeta will turn Super Saiyan 3 against Moro as a call back to Goku turning Super Saiyan against Freeza. Vegeta's getting loads of character development lately for some sort of payoff. I think this is it lads. He's finally getting that SSJ3 form

He was there during her birthday party, we saw him play video games with both versions of his son and even train them. Face it, Vegeta is an fine family man, Bulma is totally happy with what she has

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>ENTER CHADRE- what? who is that? weakren watch ou-AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE

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And how would that serve him? If anything? It's worse since he would job harder with SSJ3 losing energy.