Kaguya manga

"New" Hayasaka

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>take a 10/10
>lop of her hair for "character development"
>now she's a 2/10 at best

Dropped like Fat Man on Hiroshima.

God i fucking love short haired girls

Looks like this confirm Miko will win. You dont even need a dog to see through this patheic attempt at ~mystery~

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>now she's a 2/10 at best
shit taste, user

The guy who cut her hair is worse than hitler.

cute boy

She's at least a 20/10 now

Who is he?

This better not be official. Character development haircut is the cancer.

She did it herself, no one forced her to make that decision.

Aka should've gone all the way and give her a "call the manager" hair cut.

What a fucking hack

That's not new Hayasaka, that's Ai-san. Learn the difference.


wow aka really is a hack

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You're in for a treat!

Next chapter we're finally back to the real protagonist of this series: Ishigami!
Are your asses ready?

it looks like shit
character development haircut is the shittirst trope made

>implying it won't be a filler Fujiwara chapter followed by Aka taking a 2 week break

I like it

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>real protagonist

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Place your bets. Well it's fucking obvious who it is but whatever.

Oh no user is being a fag again

Name one, just ONE SINGLE CASE where this trope was an improvement

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what a semen demon



Do people seriously think midget has a chance? She's basically Maki 2.0

Ai Hayasaka.

Feels good to be a short hair connoisseur. Character development has never once phased me.


>fpwp again
Cursed thread.

was fpbp tho

prince zuko

> inb4 "Yas Forums is that way"

inb4 soma and toubun

Literally female Miyuki

That's Kei.