Boku no hero academia

heroes have
>elemint of surprise
>good quirks
>The necessary preparations
>Safety procedures for Civilians

villains have
>unknown quirks
>Brutal force "Gigantomachia"
>the Equipment for adjustment and modification

>hospital Collapses
>dr.frankenstein death
>evacuation team vs Shiggy
>best jeanist join the mansion/hospital raid
>wild card that turns the tables

any other predictions/Features for the teams?

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this arc reminds me of "fake Karakura town arc" even with the Gotei 13 preparedness it was Ichigo who beat Aizen

Urahara was the one who beat Aizen with a Kido he invented

Thers already a thread up

Which would have been impossible if Ichigo didn't rape Aizen so hard the Hogyoku rejected him.

Shigaraki will need to do something big in this arc for sure
So what? These are not generals

Shiggy is AFO vessel who will be the final boss and will kill All Might with Shiggy's body. mark my word people

it reeks with fagginess

>Shigaraki will need to do something big in this arc for sure
like what?

Like what he did in the MVA arc but in bigger scale

he will cause a big distraction then get his shit pushed in by the trio teens "and whoever pro survive the hospital Collapsation"

forgot about Giga.
guess the heroes are getting their shit pushed in next ch

The trio wouldn't even be able to deal with an high end nomu. No way they can do anything with Shiggy

it will be like the Karakura arc so the shitty bad villains will go away to make a room for the new/better villains

shiggy has a fetal weakness the trio will struggle before shiggy unbaked body fails him and they win. this is the advantage of the element of surprise

Giga will get raped by red riot, pinky, Real Steel,Creati and if we're lucky Shinso

>heroes believe they have defeated the villains
>Aizawa conveniently decides to be the one to take Miruko to emergency
>other heroes decide to interrogate the Doctor
>Doctor cries
>Shiggy has a flashback about the Doctor
>wakes up
>Crust and the other jobber happen to be the ones closest to him and get dusted
>Endeavor tells everyone to please escape as he is going to handle Shiggy on his own
>Endeavor tries to keep Shiggy at bay while the hospital collapses around him
>some hospital debris falls on Endeavor
>Shiggy drags Endeavor out laughing
>heroes are losing now because nomus are revitalized or some shit

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now that you've mentioned it where is Shinso?

so does Endeavor die in this Scenario? and why would the interrogate the Doctor in the hospital instead of a police station?

>nomus are revitalized
with the last chapter the HE are fucked by the pro


My prediction is that Shiggy will pull an O MY RUBBER NEN.

Because it is Hori and it is convenient for the plot.
Hori will just have them grow their heads back

>so does Endeavor die in this Scenario?

and people insist that Togashi isn't hack

Probably not. He has to learn that Touya is alive, I believe.

Toga and Mr. Compress will blend in the heroes in the chaos to escape. While they are on their way out, they realize Shiggy is in the custody of the heroes and develop a plan to kidnap him under the hero's noses. They succeed and go to back to one their OG super shitty hideouts. Eventually some sort of asspull will happen where they find a way to wake Shiggy up; maybe the Doctor gets whisked away as well or another one of All for One's agents somehow knows what to do. Regardless Shiggy will awaken after some "highly dangerous and risky" procedure stronger than ever before, but with a body that is still to frail to handle all the power (similar to Deku). Shiggy now goes about training himself to become the pinnacle of evil.

toga will drink the blood of the hero twice killed

I really hope shiggy die or dust himself, he is a shitty edgy villain and the series really need a good villain

I like him for what he is

>shitty edgy villain

Yes, he is a good contrast of what society is