Better than Cowboy Beebop?

Are the best animes just the most well known artsy animes? I mean like cowboy beebop, evangelion, serial experiments lain, and mostly 90's animes similar to those. Ppl here r like hurr durr evangelions shitty blah blah but like, whats better? Your moe shit with ur waifu in it? Some harem with a retarded main character and trope girls? My point is cowboy beebop was one of the first animes i watched and now i've watched like 100 at least and its still the best anime i've seen im pretty sure, just cuz it looks nice and is cool and has really compelling stories in every episode, is there a better anime?

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well anime did peak in the 90s

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>and now i've watched like 100 at leas
Good, now watch 500 more.

why tho

>500 more
There's only 150 animes in the entire world.

Also I don't want to accuse you of pretentiousness, but you have some signatures of a pretentious guy.
Like how you praise anime that's artsy according to you, yet you dismiss moe, when it has a lot of bleed in with Iyashikei. So what, now your gonna dismiss Haibane Renmei, Aria, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and Sora No Woto? Just because it has a predominantly female cast?

More points of comparition. You compare how other anime handled aspects, and compare them to cowboy bebop, or eva.

slice of life anime isnt very creative desu and love stories are kinda lame imo

more mind numbed by onions sauce cartoons you mean

Your comment implies that people are unable to think critically, and everything people watch changes them. Which is exactly how a szoyboy thinks.
You're the one who's missing out on good anime.
Pic related has 169 anime.

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half that anime is shit tho, im specifically asking if there's a better anime than cowboy beebop, do u rly think any of those are better and if so which one, cuz ive seen a lot of those and champloo and akira are the only ones id say are even close rly

Why are you spelling Bebop with two "e"s? there's only one. If you like it so much the least you could do is learn how to spell the title.

Epic bait thread user.

Ok so Bebop is praised Cinematography, and solid episodic structure. Memories has one of the best cinematography in all of anime, even outclassing Bebop. The movie consists of 3 different short stories, all of them are very well written, and none of them feel like a quality drop.
Other shows that also has great cinematography are Ping Pong, Texhnolyze, and most of the movies (Perfect Blue, Ghost in the Shell, Wings of Hommeanise)
Irresponsible Captain Tylor isn't entirely comparable to Bebop. Because of Bebop's episodic nature there are light hearted episodes and there are darker ones. Tylor is entirely lighthearted, but it does a better job at that than Cowboy Bebop.

Now just a sidenote, because I've haven't seen Outlaw Stat. If I recall correctly Cowboy Bebop pulls most of its influence from Outlaw Star. So go watch it.

I love cowboy bebop but FLCL is the best anime eva made

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Watch more anime you faggot. Punks like you who haven't watched Ashita no Joe, Space Battleship Yamato or Galaxy Express 999 don't even know a good anime if it punched you in the face

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What does "better than Cowboy Beebop" even mean?
Better than bad, but worse than mediocre shows?

Massive faggot. Yas Forums is not for your recommendations. Go to .

good example

oh yeah god forbid i interrupt your my waifu is better than your debate

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>watching ancient anime
That's a yikeserino from me chief. You boomers can watch those shit but everyone knows bebop and evangelion are the only good pre-2008 animes



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Are you really this much of a newfag? We don't have outright recommendations threads, because it creates a harmful culture of begging. And never giving back only results in entry level always being pushed up. That's why we have faux-recommendation threads. You have every tool to look up what to watch next, it's just human nature to talk about stuff with others.
You think OP is gonna recommend anything back at the future? No. The problem is with him acting like he knows his things with only having seen a 100 anime.
Also, do you even have reading comprehension? Read the title of the picture. It was created because recommendation threads on other forums are full of entry-level stuff that everybody should have already seen. It does not encourage you for cancerous rec culture, it shames you for being uneducated.

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Cowboy Beebop is objectively shit, the main story is extremely unfulfilling and the rest is boring sideplots. The only redeeming quality it has is synergy between characters and mainly animation and art and that is not enough to make it close to top tier.

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Bebop is good though.

Sorry user but that's the only non-bait part of the post

How is it unfulfilling, it's a complete narrative about the dangers of living in the past, the random boring sideplots all serve as either exposition or reflections of the main cast.

>the random boring sideplots all serve as either exposition or reflections of the main cast.
And that is boring.

>it's a normalfag teen comes to Yas Forums to talk about how much he dislikes anime "buuuuuut cowboy bebop is cool" and also expects to be spoonfed episode

Try the Big O, it's not better but interesting, it has the same vibe and features than Bebop, Evangelion and Batman the animated series. at least for season 1.

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Imagine being able to enjoy things for their individual merit rather than constantly comparing things to one another.
Videogame brain is a disease.

Fuck off, retard.

The sideplots as you call them are also related to the job of the characters. That's what they do for a living. If you can't bear the length of TV anime maybe you should only watch movies or OVA series.

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