ITT: anime that have legitimately made you cry

ITT: anime that have legitimately made you cry

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future diary LOL

Seen a lot of "sad" anime that've had 0 effect on me, but this was just straight up painful.

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Clannad After Story.

Couldn't get past episode 2.


I was like 11 though

Inferno Cop

I was going through my watchlist yesterday and was considering Texnolyze. How good is it?

It's decent but be prepared for a lot of melancholohy, depression and VERY slow pace

it's also from the same director as SEL so it has a similar but more hard cyberpunk gangster vibe

fucking cool

Too many to list

SEL and Texhnolyze isn't directed by the same dude, Ryutaro Nakamura (guy who directed Ghost Hound and died before being able to work on Despera) directed Lain and Hiroshi Hamasaki (guy who directed Steins Gate and the new Blade of the Immortal) directed Texhnolyze. However, both shows had alot of the same staff working on em, like Chiaki J. Konaka being scenarist/screenwriter for both shows, Yasuyuki Ueda being the producer for both shows, and Yoshitoshi ABe being the character designer for both shows, ABe and Ueda also helped with writing actually.
Also to answer OP, Penguindrum and LoGH both got me good.

Seeing Togame die at the end of Katanagatari got me real close to crying.

Also whole arc of Akagi's death on Ten, that was absolutely sentimental

After Story should actually hit you harder as an adult desu. The themes are more relevant to young adults then they are to primary school students.

>He hasn't seen After Story

this fucking guy

The problem was they really had a golden premise exploring how Okabe deals with his PTSD, but they dropped it in favor of some gay WWIII plot. Zero didn't need to increase the stakes, it needed to focus on the characters even more than the first vn/anime.

I'm left pretty empty after it. I guess I'm waiting for the live action TV series (which I hope they don't fuck up, for once) or re-announcement of "The Committee of Antimatter", this time without the plot holes or recurring themes.

>The Committee of Antimatter
Wait what? Can I get a quick rundown?

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I've never seen Air but I loved After Story. Are its themes as hard hitting as AS? If so I'll check it out.

Watch more anime

Not that guy and I agree that YLIA was trash with no depth, but you should name a better drama yourself. Let us judge your favorite.

My favorite is the second half of Clannad: After Story.

It's great but it's not for everyone. 1st couple of eps filter a lot people. Case in point:

It was a new S;G game announced taking place 6 years after where the original story left off. However, it was cancelled and instead of that we got S;G 0.

Okabe was working as a waiter, 0 new progress with him and Kurisu, Suzuha is back for whatever reason. That's some of the info we had. Personally, I'm glad they cancelled it, but I do hope they re-announce it someday, with changes to the plot.

AIR is Clannad in a faster pace.

Monogatari Second Season, thanks to this guy.

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Yeah texhnolyze is the only anime to this day that made me cry for boring me to death. I hadn't dropped any other anime after 1 episde before and after. The sufficating, unbearable pretentiousness was too much. The anime tried so hard to be deep that I was expecting every minute when it will implode on itself. When the episode finally finished, I deleted it quicker from my hardrive faster than anything.

>AIR is Clannad
In what regard? Does it have similar themes?

Congrats,the director said that the first episode i meant as a pleb filter and after all those years it still works as intended.

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gif related

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>people who don't tolerate shittiness are "filtered"
This meme is the biggest coping mechanism I have seen in recent years when something is called out for being trash.

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Kek,seethe harder brainlet.