How many times do you think the author fapped to her?

How many times do you think the author fapped to her?

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I've written many lewd stories and never have I fapped to them. How can you masturbate to text?

He probably pays his illustrator to draw her in some lewd poses or something

Zero. As a creator I can barely stand to look at my own works.

Who said he's fapping to his drawings of her and not doujinshi's?

No one faps to elves.

are you an npc? most people are capable of creating images in their mind. that's how most novels work.

Fucking emiliafags i hate you all you fucking retards
Fuck tappei too for making anime onlys love no-personality waifu

I hate Remfags the only reason you like her is that you got rejected by your crush in high school and can't move on so you relate to her

Emilia is cute but I don't think she's fap material.

Your girls must be shit.

Tappei wanks to Emilia multiple times a day

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As a Emiliachad I'm happy I know the author is one of us and we won't loose to the Remfags



Fucking based, Remcucks can die in a fire.

I can only applaud that level of autism.

Animeonly here, I liked Rem more originally but after watching the most recent OVA I see the appeal of Emilia, she's been through a lot and I want to comfort her.

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He's made more then half the fanbase do the opposite.

A fucking dog has better taste in women than an average remfag

Less than me for sure


He's a purity fag and doesn't allow even the slightest lewd picture of Emilia to become official. Which is a waste of her design since elves are meant to be cumdumps.
I doubt he has any kind of libido at all and I dont think he faps to Emilia.

Nope. He's just a coomer with no imagination.

In every harem anime, the fans can just have chill threads, post screenshots, and discuss how the girls are cute.
Even Color Wars was just an inside joke (although dragon > purple > green > the rest)

That's up with Remfags having all this hate and having to spread it everywhere?

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Actually, as a fun fact, Tappei is on the record saying several times that he has no mental picture of any of his characters when he writes them.

"I had no idea what Emilia looked like before the illustrator drew her for the LN," that's the kind of thing Tappei would say.

>elves are meant to be cumdumps.
Wow ignorant and racist. Next you'll tell me all Orcs are thieves and rapist.

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Satella > Frederica > Rem > shit > Emilia

If you can't fap to your creation, then it's probably shit to begin with

>How can you masturbate to text?
Same way you masturbate with nothing at all.

You use your imagination.