Bring forth thine waifus, and I shall judge them

Bring forth thine waifus, and I shall judge them.

>25 or less: Filthy, cum-guzzling whore. Will cheat on you every day with multiple men and possibly animals too. Will never love you.
>26-35: Has fooled around and still might from time to time, but kinda likes you enough to keep you around.
>36-45: Might've had a boyfriend or two, but only held hands. Loves you deeply and will stay by your side until death do you part.
>46 or more: A true saint among mortals, such purity is only matched by her undying love and devotion towards you. Not even death shall separate you, your souls shall soar through all planes entwined in perpetual bliss.

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Akinator is too polluted by ecelebs to guess shit now

Took 49 guesses for Honoka and I was going easy on him

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Consider answering more than 5 questions and it'll filter out.

he doesn't know about Ranka, wtf

25 exactly, confirmed for slut.

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Precisely 19 questions. How does it feel to be retarded, user?

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don't bully

43, this is what I have for having mainstream waifu.

What if my waifu is from a game?


Also works.

22 and he knew

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Is manga lumped in with anime when he asks questions?

He called it quits going into 100

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He broke on question 20 on my first try for some reason, does that mean my waifu is a god?
He also gave up on 80

Haw haw, I try to look for Power and he gave me Zero Two

The fucktard guessed Ryuuko first instead of Satsuki and then proceeded to never fucking guess Satsuki, what the fuck, it should have been his immediate second guess.

>37 questions
Eh 'lll take it

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48 for mai waifu. She's mine alone.
She's also not Yas Forums but that is neither here nor there.

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>30 questions
A few years ago he couldn't get her, shit.

>42 questions
Nothing close to sluttines babyyyyyyy

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What's with this new Akinator? The design for the old site was much better, this one is so boring and bland.

I have no idea why I replied to you there with

theres no way a academia character takes 42 question when the like 8th question he asks each time is if your character if from that show

>62 questions
I'm impressed he took so long.

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Got her in fucking 12, you lying bastard.

I gave him two rounds and he never got her. She's an angel.

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I tried to look for Power and he failed to give the solution

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It kinda breaks itself at some point, it asked me if it was a BHA character around 20th, then kept asking dumb questions, there were questions about Minecraft afteer that


Based Kikyofag

hard to think of a character that isn't obscure as fuck that he would never get but also isn't popular enough to give him a real challenge



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But there's no chance she's ever had a boyfriend.
His first guess was Takano Miyo and I was amazed at the similarities.

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Confirmed for saint.

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>Is your character a demon?
>Does your character play in the lower English football leagues?

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It took him 80 tries the first time and he couldn't get it.
Then he guessed it in 25.

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Couldn't even guess her multiple times, my waifu is safe.

Enjoy your saintly slut, I guess?

Sometimes he does not ask the right questions. Like that, he needs to ask if she's a video game character or from the Touhou series to get his scope narrowed.

>52 questions

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This, she's a supporting character but there's a dim chance that she'll become a heroine

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