Kitsutsuki Tanteidokoro

New episode today!

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This is Kyokou Suiri but without the fapbait and better pacing.

How are they comparable? Only because they are both detective shows? For real?

Visiting brothels with your bro.

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Looks like this thread is a lot more livelier.

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I couldn't see the other one.

Kek, cheesy shit but it had to be said as one of the reason I guess.

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So the girl killed herself because she thought the other dude was gay?

Oh shit forgot this thing exists.
Have to watch ep2 first..

Now this is a tantei.

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Nothing wrong with that.


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I like the casual >oh here is another "detective" chiming in

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Hahah, what happened here? Misunderstanding?

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How cheap were papers back then? Shit seems expensive to be thrown around like this.

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It's 1920s, not middle ages.

Too bad for this kid.
Thought the people in the share house are somewhat penniless niggas.

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He started to speak feminine and she thought they were lovers.

Reminder to never speak like a tranny or a good woman who wants nothing in her life but to have sex with you is going to become susceptible for suicide.

My fucking sides, his wailing was pretty embarrassing in itself but also getting someone else affected? Fucking gold.

Pfffffft. I fap to men who use keigo.

>still posing

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>its another episode of sherlock fucking over his watson because he doesnt have a 999999 billion IQ and can instantly figure out the intentions of all people ever
Will this meme ever end?

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>fall in love with a guy who doesn't even know you
>become a prostitute in a last ditch attempt to fuck him
big brain time

>the teenage platonic homo is the one who brings up the homo theory

Why does Kindaichi talk like a girl? What a stupid quirk.

>falls in love with some city virgin
>got tb, cant live long
>sold body for the money to go closer to him
>homo misunderstanding
>still get to meet him face to face after months of the meet not happening, finally
>not getting the dick afterall
>an hero
>dumbass guy doesnt even know
Feels bad man.

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But he blamed him out of spite, there was no actual mystery to be solved.

He blamed and hated not-Watson because he didnt somehow magically figure out Otakis past.

I thought it was Keigo; that isn't just a feminine thing, it's for formal situations and shows respect, the combination of his talking like that and mentioning a secret was what really convinced her.

Keigo is girly speech?

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I thought it was his shrill voice.

That too.

No. Learn Japanese.

I know what keigo is, I just never saw it being associated with femininity before, just respect and kouhai manners.