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Thoughts on Asta's new design?

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Looks butt ugly his proportions are weird as hell

Should have made him taller. Tabata is retarded for keeping his MC manlet.

To be honest I wasn't impressed at first but I got used to it. Still prefer his pre-timeskip look.

The artist clearly knows how to draw muscular men: See Yami.
Asta looks weird.

What's the problem with keeping him short?

Is this an asspull?

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>what's the problem with keeping your MC a manlet
If you have to ask what's wrong with it then I doubt you'll ever truly understand.

how will he fuck noelle while being a manlet?

I'd like to hear why you think it's a problem

I didn't even notice they were already using runes

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Will Tabata ever flesh out Yami further than being the BBC? I'm really tired of some parts of the story.

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What exactly do you want to be fleshed out?

Not him, but I want to see his past in his own home country, his first day in Ashen Deer, his rivalry with William and his first meeting with Jack.

His past. We don't know who the fuck he is or where he came from in the first place. He was a lonely social outcast until Julius took him in but that hasn't been expanded on at all.

I also want to see some resolution between Noelle and her family. Plus her father.
Not much.

He's from not japan

He's from !notJapan (i.e the BC Wano)

We saw some of the rivalry in the anime

It's a great improvement. I hated Asta design, but now I love it.

Standing, facing and holding her, like a true man


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>Ever that tall


I appreciate Asta's ahoge trying hard to out-tall Noelle.

Tall Asta sucks. Short Asta has a higher masculinity density

that's some good posture


So is asta from spade kingdom too?

Too tall. His kids should be taller than him by his age.

Implying there arent all going to be manlets

>asta eyes over powered noelles eye genes

Asta's new design is shit and the timeskip was pointless and poorly done, one of the worst I've seen.

I'm still impressed tabata does all this traditionally

because if Tabata is planning on continuing to pile muscle on him he is going to end up looking extremely weird.

6 scoops asta when?

Ngl, as much as I want this to happen it doesn't fit. Asta is a commoner down to his SOUL. Someone like even Yuno would be a better choice. Him having legitimate power as nobility would be odd.
>inb4 muh magic emperor
That's just the head of military. Being a noble means you have to be a faggot that follows traditions and other shit.

He looks comically stocky every other panel. I was somewhat ambivalent to his new design, though now that I think about it, I'm kinda ambivalent about Asta as a whole. It's strange, but I'm not all that invested in him or his birth mystery. Last fight with gravity guy, Asta was just kinda there and did stuff. It's as if he lacks the charisma to make me root for him or rejoice when he returns on screen. When he yells yet again how he's gonna be hokag...,um, wizard king, I just go "ok", as in that Saitama meme pic, instead of "yeah, you go, buddy!".

He' still young, thus reaching Noelle at some point in adulthood (reminder women's growth reach its peak sooner than men).
He'll never pass her height tho.

>Him having legitimate power as nobility would be odd
He wants to be the wizard king. He's gonna have political power for sure. Him marrying Noelle would make sense since he wants to stop discrimination in the country, so a commoner marrying a Royal would be a good exemple for the people. Just like Litch and Tetia