Empire Tearmoon Story

Mia-sama when she sees Sion's dick

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>Why, it's nothing compared to the brutal veiny commoner cocks that raped me day in and day out during my dungeon stint!

God this chapter was great.
I wish it wasn't monthly to be honest, i need more Mia-sama in my life.

Dump it fags

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I feel like making Anne your Strategist is going to lead to disaster.

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He's such a cute boy, shame he gives Mia PTSD pretty much.

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When are those (not)muslims getting fucked?

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So Abel is from not!Prussia?

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>last panel
Smug tactician Anne
Can't wait for her exploits during the dance

Sausage Mia-sama.

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I want her to step on me

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Mia-sama is so handsome!

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Did he get a justice boner for her?

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Tsundere boys are too bratty for my taste most of the time, but Sion is cute.

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You have to admit it’s militarily brilliant for such a dumb bitch. Basically strike a treaty with the nation on the other side to force Sion’s shit kingdom to fight on two fronts if it invades. She is willing to fuck a guy to get the deal done. That’s commitment to politics right there.

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The Polish problem or German problem.

If the map and history are anything to go by, Remno is Austria.