Saekano Fine

Movie's out recently. Are there any sight of Eriri's nipples and in which scene does it happen?

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Who cares about Eriri?
Utaha and Megumi are all that matters

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I care since I like non-loli pettankos. I heard she was treated better in the LN than Utatrash.


check the cam rip

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Holy mother of god, I didn't expect Eriri to let her hair down in the bath. Did the bath scene takes place at Megumi's or Eriri's house?

It's Tomoya's actually

the yuri end

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It's not yuri if there isn't any kiss

Do we have any idea when BDs will be out? I assume it's going to be a fair while in any case.

Megumi's birthday in September

Yeah, that's the sort of delay I expected.

This basically, but Megumi is more important.

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New anime season when?

how is quality

Translated bluray?

Doesn't this movie conclude the story? I was pretty sure I read that somewhere.

The film is the end of adaptation.

It is.

Utaha a best. A BEST.

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She was, at the start at least.

...until the betrayal

threadly reminder that eriri belongs in the thrash

It was more like character assassination, but it's fine since Megumi is great.

Please be joking

Oregairu > Saekano

That's why Eriri is better than Utaha in the LN but nothing still beats Megumi in best girl department.


>Megumi will never welcome you home with open arms

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t. Eritard

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Megumi carried the series for me, but I still prefer Utaha to Eriri.

That's Utaha though

t. Utafag

Are you blind? This is clearly Megumi's hair, look at her bangs.

Utaha has short hair now.

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These two look really good. The short hair makes her even sexier, and the bow looks cute on Eriri.

But how was the movie?