Shingeki no Kyojin

What will he see?

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Pieck's Butt

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>The alliance is losing
>"...We can't... he's too strong..."
>A tear is seen falling down Annie's eye
>Suddenly all the colossals explode in a mist of blood and gore
>Eren flinches
>"WHAT!?!?? HOW???"
>In the distance we see the faint silhouette of a man
>Eren is visibly sweating
>It's Mr. Leonhart
>He cracks his knuckles

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I want Manlet to be happy

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He’ll see and feel Eren’s sweaty body during his and Annie’s wrestling sessions.


A Jew will never be happy.

I miss Hisu.

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Me too. Too bad she is breeding sow with no impact on the story now...

I miss Annie.

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We know, Eren

I want them to be happy, bros.

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I dunno, I don't think a character needs that to being missed

I was just commenting on the state of her.

I don't think having kids is a bad thing and she already got a lot of focus.

It's a bad thing for a character when she is absolutely incapacitated because of it

Flochbros against the hordes of globalist cucks. Brings tears to my eyes knowing all Eldians will LIVE!

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But she hasn't been fighting since RtS? She was taking care of children and she stopped being a soldier.

Right, but she couldn't do her queen duties either. It's really bad when the character does nothing but breed for a story... I miss her time with Ymir.

Fun fact, she was absent during rts (only appeared at the end and in a tiny flashback) and Marley, that amounts to 40 chapters yet the problem is now kek

So if she is happy taking care of children or having her own family she deserves to be insulted except when she was the prize of a dyke character?
Sounds like you are a little hypocrite to me

Her having a family took her away from the plot. When she was with Ymir she was at least active and had fun interactions.

>Her having a family took her away from the plot
Except she stopped being in the plot since RtS?
>when she was with Ymir she had fun interactions
So like in Uprising?

Historia stopped having an active role since Return to Shinganshina because her story GOT CLOSED. You should be complaining about that many chapters ago
>When she was with Ymir she was at least active and had fun interactions.
Not only with Ymir, she is actually her own character. You are actually complaining about the same thing you were okay with when Krista only followed Ymir and was a yuribait.

*spritz spritz*

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Mr. Leonhart's ballsack


>Clash was more about Ymir and Krista just a yuribait and moe fanservice
>Historia grew as a character in Uprising

Jean will take care of Erwin Ackerman Zoe

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He had four years to fill Hanji with little manlets but did nothing about it. He deserves to be miserable.

Eren's hidden POV is what took her away form the plot. We can't know about it, so Hisu can't show up yet. At least he didn't kill her off like Ymir or leave her crystallized for years.

Wrong, manletto just wants peace

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I can't believe that Marley is going to fall to a single fat crippled manlet doing kung fu

>At least he didn't kill her off like Ymir
What if he killed her off-screen like Ymir?
By the way, did people think Ymir was dead back in the RtS arc?

This man is your friend! He fights for freedom!

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I don't think she dies, unless Eren lives. That would be pretty dark though.

Lots of people clung to Ymir being alive and didn't think she would die an off screen death. Some YHfags people still think Zeke for some reason prevented her death and used science to extract the Jaw titan and she's fine.

>single fat crippled manlet doing kung fu
After the ninja granny doing kung fu this is 100% going to happen. He's going to fight off that armed guard with his slick moves. Eldians will rise up. Maybe he's Helos.

W-why does he look like Floch

That sure doesn't look like manlets kid

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I just want a damn trailer for S4 already, is that so much to ask?

Corona—chan says hi.

Someone do a DNA test on that kid.