Machikado Mazoku

Mazokus on the front cover. New chapter raws soon.

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Unhealthy mazokus

Is today the day we get a Season 2 announcement?

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Was season 2 announced?

It's time.

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And chapter done.

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I love how the barrier-space is presented here, especially those data nodes.

[The synopsis from last time:
If we don't escape quickly, this other world will explode!]

(left side: As we thought, it's going to explode!)

Sion: Let's get out of here... If we get caught up in the explosion, we'll all disappear along with this world!
Momo: How could you not tell us something so important!? Why is it going to explode!?

Sion: This world was over-inflated with garbage data. Chiyoda-san, do you know what a supernova explosion is?
Momo: How should I know?

Sion: After we finished cleaning up the garbage data, the pressure holding up this world disappeared, and now it's rapidly contracting.
[the case of this universe being in trouble]
> (pressure)

Well RIP Season 2 announcement hopes. If there was any time to announce it, this would have been it. Damnit all I want is more animated Shamimomo.

Fuck Mikan

Thanks for the translations!

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>Not knowing about supernovas
Why are you such an astronomlet Monmo? El Observador des Estrellas would be so disappointed in you.

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[She has problems with motor skills]

Shamiko: How are we supposed to escape?
Sion: Well, other than the fact that I didn't mention the barrier was going to explode, that's exactly what Chiyoda and I discussed on the phone.

Sion: There's no distance between this world and our world.
We just have to punch a hole through the barrier and hurry through it.
Physics is your specialty, Chiyoda-san.

Momo: The process of escaping is going to be a time attack, so I'm getting a little impatient...
Since we're in a rush we're going to have to change our plans.

Momo: But Shamiko is slower than a wounded turtle, right? I wouldn't have brought her here if I knew this was going to happen.
Shamiko: I wouldn't say I'm quite that bad...

[Characters with glasses are prone to miscalculations]

Sion: I...sometimes, I have good intuitions...
I had a hunch that you two were going to show up, I was sure of it...
Chiyoda-san, if you'd known about this, you wouldn't have brought Shamiko.

Momo: A hunch...
Sion: It's fine! According to my calculations, we still have plenty of time to escape.
First, use Shamiko's phone to contact the outside world!

Shamiko: Ah...umm, it's not working.
Sion: Eh?
Shamiko: For some reason I can't get a signal...
Sion: ...

Sion: This isn't going how I planned it...
Shamiko: Sion-chan!?

Momo is so クソダサい

Season 2

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Shion ruined all of Shion's plans by convincing Shamiko that her phone wouldn't work in those conditions.

[She's the most comfortable in this shape]

Sion: I-it's okay...according to my calculations we should still have about 160 seconds to escape...maybe.
Momo: Didn't you just say this wasn't going the way you planned? That's only two and a half minutes!!

I heard the whole story!

Lilith: Shamiko, the impostor Ogura broke your phone! That's why I had to go back to this lame statue!
Shamiko: Ancestor!!

Lilith: With this form, I can be a receiver. You can use this as an ancestor phone...
Shamiko: Ancestor... I'm sorry for treating you like a prop...!!
Lilith: It's fine!! I'm used to it!!

[Characters with glasses are prone to miscalculations, continued]

{Mikan: Momo!! Shamiko!! Can you hear me!?}
Shamiko: Mikan-san!!
{Mikan: Ugallu opened you a way out!}

{Mikan: There's a magic string at the end of an arrow... It'll guide you to the way out. Follow it and get out of there!!}
Sion: Oh, good. That's exactly what I calculated. All we have to do is make a run for it and escape...

...up there?
Isn't that pretty far away?
(there's quite a height difference)

Sion: This is not at all what I calculated...
Shamiko: Sion-chan!!?

[welp, looks like Lilith's a statue again.]

Did TL dieded?
Imma take over then.

[This form is the most comfortable after all]

>I-it's alright... According to my calculations, we still have around 160 seconds left to escape... probably
>Didn't you say it was different from your calculations? Actually, isn't that only two and a half minutes!?

>We've heard what's going on!

>Shamiko, your phone got destroyed by Fake-Ogura, right? Thanks to that I had to return to being a lame statue!

>In this form I can become a receiver. Use me as an Ancestor-phone...
>Ancestor... I'm sorry for using you like a tool!
>It's fine! I'm used to it!

[Characters with glasses are prone to miscalculations - continued]
>Momo! Shamiko! Can you hear me?
>Ugallu cut open a way out!

>There's a magic thread... a guide toward the exit attached to the arrow. Follow to to escape!
>Ah, good, it started aligning with my calculations... Now let's just run out...

>Isn't the exit a bit far away? Also, there's a great difference in altitude.

>... It's completely different from my calculations...

never mind, you finish, you're faster.

What a precious sight, two translators in one thread

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[Demon, bugging out a bit]
>Hey! The distance is quite different from what we agreed on! Are you alright? Can you make it? Do you have enough time?
>We don't really have time... Let me think.

>The exit should have had an error of a few dozen centimeters at most... Actually, it was unexpected that another me would appear... Everything started going wrong from there... Does not compute. Does not compute.
>Calm down. You spread the panic.

>Actually, sorry, let me untie your futon. Sorry for getting mad at you earlier. Come on, calm down and be the usual Ogura again.

>What's with this mood? Cool-momo?

[A huge thing entered]
>That distance... There's 500 meters... Are you trying to bring back something from here? Something big?
>No, we're not.

>Did I make a mistake in my calculations...?
>Calculations... Gusion-san also said she had deductive abilities. Does Shion-chan have the same ability?

>What? My phone is going whild. Even though it's out of range.

>Gusion (e-book format)
>Install successful 100%
>Shamiko-chan, sorry >< Please do your best to bring me back too!