What's the cringiest scene in all of anime?

What's the cringiest scene in all of anime?

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The very first scene of Kill la Kill. Every scene after that is just as cringe.

The very first post of this user. Every post after that is just as cringe.

i feel like kill la kill started the trend of randomly making characters lesbian at the end in western cartoons like adventure time and legend of korra and kinda steven universe

They aren't lesbian though it was a friend date. Something that wouldn't work with two men as Nakashima said

but they talked about hitler in that scene, thats based not cringe

This should be a strong contender when it comes to manga.

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no they fucked and it was hot, I saw it.

Bang Dream S1, Kira Kira Hikaru.

I saw your mom doing porn


You don't wanna know

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What, you didn't like characters screaming nonsense on top of their lungs for 20+ episodes straight?

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i used to be a delinquent like you
then i took a poop shoe to the knee

Without a doubt this is one of the worst ones.

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Yeah this is a pretty big contender. The entire show never really stopped being cringe.

The entire Kobayashi's Dragon Maid dub


If you are a Gundamfag who just finished Zeta, then the first half of ZZ, especially the Moon Moon episode.

For sure this scene. Pic related is just one character, but the whole cast was unironically WAILING and screaming at the top of their lungs in one big pity party.

It actually fucking infuriates me that such a childish anime is considered a classic drama.

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I only ever liked the imouto, she was cute. Everyone else can die there for all I care.

Anything from Watamote.

Not for the same reason but made me cringe none the less.

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Jesus christ. No I think that still constitutes cringe lol

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Trust me that anime was shit.

kek. But seriously why is this considered a good drama? It has no theme, which by definition makes it melodrama. There isn't anything inherently wrong with that but it does mean it has no substance by definition.

>What's the cringiest scene
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