Just finished this series and I'm a bit confused. Is Gilbert's love for her the romantic kind or the parental kind?

Just finished this series and I'm a bit confused. Is Gilbert's love for her the romantic kind or the parental kind?

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How do you get the shit taste out of your mouth after watching this garbage?

The director wanted it to be parental

Stay tuned for the final movie and find out.
And prepare for the inevitable spergout whichever it is.

The director wanted the audience to have a parental feeling toward the protagonist, he said absolutely nothing about Gilbert during the interview you're basing your argument on.
Moreover it's 100% romantic in the light novel.

>And prepare for the inevitable spergout whichever it is.
Most people who would care about that development already spoiled themselves and cried about it already.

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Romantic. I imagine that VEG's production was a fuckup and KyoAni intended to wrap up the story in 14 episodes (it was cited to be 14 episodes everywhere right until it started airing where one of the episodes was re-purposed into a special). I imagine they got a movie greenlit and scrapped the LN ending for a cock tease ending. Maybe before fires they intended to milk Violet even harder with series of movies like the queerbait one, since people of certain intelligence ate it up.

Is this supposed to be for the LN? I thought Gilbert was dead?

That's a poster for the upcoming movie. They aren't really trying to hide the surprise that he's been alive all along.

Yeah, it sure is a big surprise to see a character come back when there was an entire episode dedicated to talking about how he is not coming back. They got everyone there.

The eternity and auto memory doll movie? Gilber doesn't show up there at all though.

He said upcoming, not the one that's out.

There's another movie coming out? And when?

The actual key visual deliberately occludes his face.
Make of that what you will.
If there's art of Gilbert without an eyepatch then by both LN and anime standards it would not be canon.

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It was coming out in April 24th, but delayed due to Corona.

The pet owner kind

Not the shitty yuribait one, the one that was supposed to release this year but got postponed due to Corona.

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Yeah, and those flower petals can't possibly hint at anything.

>2020.4.24 [Fri]
That was 3 days ago!

>Violet could've found her happiness three days ago but must be delayed thanks to corona.
Violet is an eternal femcel.

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What I do know about hints is that the art posted earlier isn't canon, considering it's part of a pair.

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Isn't canon? As in, there are posters, that are canon?

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Do you disagree with the point about eyepatches?

I mean almost every piece of promotional art of the movie has Gilbert in it, one of the trailers is from Gilbert's point of view and there's this quote from an interview regarding the movie

>That is right. The narrative of the TV series differs from the novel in the first place, so it is a matter of course that the movie will be an original one. But the author, Akatsuki Kana-san, shared with us conditions for the scenario and settings, thus the movie also properly reflects the essence of what is most cherished in the novel. I hope that the people who enjoyed the original work will enjoy her future again with a different flavor to it.

Given how the LN turned out I'm just saying don't be surprised if it just retreads the same thing from a different perspective.

Ah, now I see what point you are trying to make, it's just extremely silly thing to say.

I don't think that user is dumb enough to imply Giblert isn't in the movie, I think he's trying to say that those specific promotional posters "aren't canon" as in don't reflect movies as much as the poster with Gilber showing his ass in the waters one.

At least I hope so, I actually know people who genuinely believe Gilbert won't be back in the movie lmao.

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Pretty much.

what the fuck is an interrogation mark

the "cunny daddy" kind

explain further.

Fucking chink virus ruined everything.

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