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It's time for her to join the crew now that she lost her title.

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sorry wrong pic

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user, why are you still here? One piece is on break, nothing will come of posting here
Do something with your time: learn how to cook, read a book, bond with your family. Your wasting your life here

Hammock is old and busted. The crew needs more young and hip chicks.

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Ulti will be Robin's 2nd opponent. Get hyped.

Then who will keep the men out of Amazon lily? that was the only reason she became a Sichibukai

I don't appreciate a cis white male (probably homophobic) telling me what to do with my time *millenial question mark*

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Died Standing like Newgate
Turned into an island like the Little Garden
They were holding the whole country like Oden

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jesus christ these threads are trash, do you morons really have nothing else to do

This picture makes me think.

Is Oda perhaps good in his own way in drawing women cause he limits himself in saying they must have the same body and face structure
which forces him to be way more subtle than
any other artist who knows there are more than 1 body type or who has matured in taste??

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>b-be more gentle

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Based sjw Moria *30 clap emoji*

I'm here to keep you company

*like the ones from Little Garden

>Jack-kun, how do you like my mask??

For all you long hair Nami haters!

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>Don't worry friends, I won't let the 20 kings hurt you

Who was it and why is Laboon so happy to see them

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Based on this pic, Nami has the largest breast while Vivi has the biggest ass.

Holy shit that sounds possible and kino.

That's Oden

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Laboon was there since before Roger's final journey. They could've been friends.

any source on the artist?

Do you know what does she need? Shark teeth

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God why is Praline the best Charlotte


The perfect opportunity to see the best girl again

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Get him extremely drunk and tell him you'll give him an ebin sword if he says "I do"

Kek what a virgin

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Coronavirus is giving underages more time to shitpost

>Wano hat
>Same hair as Who's who

Luffy vs Kaido's son
Jinbei vs Queen
Zoro vs King
Sanji vs X Drake
Rest of strawhats vs assorted numbers and flying six

Drake can’t handle even a little peak of naked body. He’d roll over in front of the girth that is Maria.

whos who is odens father

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Shark pussy

>I think my good friend Johnathan "Joy Boy" Koizuki will make a good Shogun

I love this drawing so much, The Onigashima giant is my new favourite character

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How nervous was he here about that cloth slipping off Maria?

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