What is the appeal of this character?

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Hating real women.

loli but strong and also not really a loli

her sister

vitamin c
>b-but muh she's 5422581 years old
vitamin c

Best girl of her own series


she makes my dick hard

shes one of like 6 girls in the entire series

Based and, may I say, patrician taste

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>wow this girl has two SPHERES on her chest, such patrician taste!! completely disregarding that her character is as generic as they come



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Floats everywhere so her feet would be incredibly soft.

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>always constantly

Meanwhile Tatsu is the the same with ZERO spheres.

She converts people.

legal loli

And that's a good thing. If I want spheres, I can go watch a football game.

ideal bodytype

The appeal is that she is ugly and has a bad personality.

That’s too many.


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That's retarded. There's only one sphere in football.



She's made for small cocks.

Shota cocks.

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Legal cunny

No Punch Girl (nopanchan)

The appeal of Tatsumaki is the gap moe.

She is one of the strongest beings in her series AND she is proud and arrogant AND she is a mature woman BUT she has a cute, tiny body and gets mistaken for a child.

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She makes a great sex slave.

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Tatsumaki is a petite woman and not a loli, that's the appeal.

shotas with big cocks