Wtf araki?

wtf araki?

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Character arc nullification

Bro, spoilers nah just kidding he doesn't really matter to the plot

i always see people complain about this
it's just some bitter irony, fits the more cynical nature of steel ball run

So why is SBR so dark? Was Araki going through something?

>why is SBR so dark?
JoJo was never dark to begin with, it's all bright colors and action nothing grim dark at all.

Gyro Fucking Died For This

Maybe he meant as an adult.

araki likes to fuck with people

Not every epilogue has to be "and in the end everyone involved with the MC became a world leader in their respective field and was super happy and everyone loved them". Hell, just look at the earlier parts where Speedwagon (a street thug) became a fabulously wealthy oil magnate who established numerous charities and used his massive resources to help fight the occult for decades, or how Smokey (a pickpocket) went into politics with no education but somehow became the first black mayor of New York, just because they came into contact with their respective Jojo for maybe a couple of weeks and were inspired by them.

>new york
it was georgia bro.
araki is a troll.

He forgot to add "at the age of 93" there.

It's the ball that hit the net.

You got me, I haven't read part 2 in a while. Point stands, though.

He died for the amnesty, which was given on a completely unrelated issue. Gyro died not for his duty or ideals, but for his friend.

Who then died from a fucking rock.

Part 7 isn't about being able to walk or saving a kid, it's about the friends you make along the way

Now, on the other hand, that's a spoiler.

>Maybe the real Steel Ball Run was the legs we made along the way

He doesn't even say how long it took for him to die of a cold. He could've died of a cold in some sort of sick anime battle.

Hell, for all we know, he's still fucking alive, in the Head Doctor's care for said cold, and he's going to bust out, team up with Gappy, and make an epic sacrifice, where he then promptly dies of a cold.

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I'm still mad about Lisa Lisa

What the fuck is that sentence?

its called bad translators

Gyro ultimately had no control of the fate of Marco. Remember the whole tennis ball metaphor? In the end it was more about the journey.

The kid was just an excuse to point out the problems of absolutism. This paragraph shows that even if the kid died, the main goal was reached.

Ahhhhhhhh! I thought I'd be able to read part 7 without any spoilers, FUCK. Delete this whole thread.

Gyro fought for justice to be served for that boy and he succeeded, along with breaking up the establishment so such things wouldn't happen anymore. For all intents and purposes, he won.

All Gyro had to do was request for a prolonging of the day execution for Marco and wait out for the abolishment of the monarchy.

If you open a Jojo thread on Yas Forums, you're going to have to assume hat Josuke was fused with Yoshikage Kira

Speedwagon was probably just because Araki wanted a way to justify the Jojos having access to funding and resources when the plot required it.

> request a prolonging of the execution day
And he most likely would have gotten a swift 'no'

>just because they came into contact with their respective Jojo for maybe a couple of weeks and were inspired by them.