I'm really enjoying this show so far, something silly and comedic is just exactly what I'm after these days.

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Pretty much my same thoughts, the cast is very enjoyable so far and the story has the potential to be an entertaining one. I mean, how often do you see a card games show about a group of kids trying t take out the regime?

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I finally bit the bullet and and watched it. I must say I'm very pleased with the way they are handling it, it's chill and charming.

Robin best girl.

the show is still ugly but I get the similar warm feelings from this show as I did with saiki (although saiki was way more toned up as a comedy). but that might have more to do with me wanting more saiki and the fact that it was also a cheap looking show with characters i liked regardless
i dont see sevens threads lasting long on Yas Forums though, like how most comedy anime will only get an occasional thread or a weekly one while airing

Rook, king of the losers.

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I wish I could drink the juice off the ground if necessary.

If YGO threads managed to barely survive in Yas Forums then i can see SEVENS lasting just fine. Granted we'll never go back to the ARC-V days of 3 threads per day but this is good enough

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Yuga may not ever be the tallest MC, but he could become the MC who lies the most
Yuga - Eddy, Rook - Ed, Gakuto - Double D

second post best post

I want to try Rush duel out. Is there any free way to play it?

EDOPro. Ask /dng/

The new Project Ignis YGOPro can do Rush Duels.

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I'm guessing this was capped by someone who was actively shitting up the thread, otherwise they wouldn't have brought it back up like this.

Are you new?

"ded show ded thread" was often repeated during the course of vrains

Not him but thanks for the info. I also dig this new over the top yet simple game.

This is true to be honest, ARC-V was like a dream come true at the start and that's why we had like 100 posters every thread. I say Sevens threads are doing much better than Vrains threads already

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That's just vrains for you, it didn't take long until everyone started hating it for the recaps, terrible animation and horrible Link summoning

Anyone else feel that Romin's outfits are too sexual?

Vrains also had around 100 posters at all times.

>had around 100 posters at all times
Please, I've been here since forever and that is a massive lie. It has 100 posters at first true but that decreased considerably by the end

the goha drones have allowed it

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Bruh. Most people liked it. There were only two autistic haters that hated it.

Vrains had like 5 posters keeping the thread alive you massive retard

No, but the posters are here predictable.
Yeah, you guys sure weren't baiting like you always have.

Even if there isn't much plot and is all foreshadowing right now the characters are enjoyable and setting interesting. VRAINS didn't even tried in the character department

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I joined in late vrains and it almost always had over 100 ips. Why lie on the Internet?

Could say the same to you

Yes, just like sevens.

Lmao. Whatever helps you sleep, kid.

the four of them are cute, especially together as a group. but part of me is just waiting for things to turn sour with no warning and the show to turn them into unlikable, hollow, and humorless ghouls

>I joined in late vrains and it almost always had over 100 tips
kek seriously?

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>1 episode more until possibly hiatus
Nooo my ramen guy

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I love Romin but more girls would be great.

He looks like shit. I hope he never shows up, the episode could be used to have Robin or Luke duel once more.

Saying sevens is average is not a put down. It just means it's run of the mill.

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>exposed shoulders

You're older than 36?

Show gives me DM Zero vibes but less edgy and with 99% more card games

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It should be a crime to have delicious legs this exposed.

God I miss Saiki, the adaptation really landed the voice casting to elevate the source material imo
At first I kinda wondered why they picked the VAs they did for Rook and Gakuto instead of picking up more relative newcomers like with previous casts, but their deliveries as more experienced VAs make the characters

Why is Romin getting so much fanart? I don't remember any other yu-girl getting so much attention so early in their series.

Guess Rook's secret

>Episode 5 : ルーク,男の闘い – Rūku, Otoko no Tatakai
>(Rook’s Manly Battle)
>The school’s newspaper club came to interview Yuga. Meanwhile, Goha has been keeping an eye on the Internet. Perhaps Yuga can spread Rush Duel rules without attracting their attention by using printed newspapers?! However, it turns out that the newspaper club’s goal is to denounce Rush Duels, for they think that Rush Duels are “shallow”! Angered by their insults, Rook decides to challenge them!

>Odo Yuga: Ishibashi Hiiro
>Kamijo Tatsuhisa (Rook): Yashiro Taku
>Sogetsu Gakuto: Hanae Natsuki
>Kirishima Romin: Kusunoki Tomori
>Kaizo: Kobayashi Yusuke
>President Goha: Hajime Syacho
>Shinjitsu Bakuro: Yamamoto Tomoya
>Masaru: Kumagai Kentaro
>Nico: Yasui Saki
>Students: Kawamura Rie, Uchiyama Mari

>Script: 山口宏 || Yamaguchi Hiroshi

NOTE: “Shinjitsu Bakuro” literally means “reveal the truth” in Japanese.

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>Why is Romin getting so much fanart?
Romin is nothing, so far the one with the most fanart is Gakuto

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>Why is Romin getting so much fanart?
Because she's without a doubt the hottest Yugioh girl from all series.


silly Yuga, print media is only dying. just ask the NYT