Goblin Slayer 047

Chapter 47 is out.

What happened to danke?

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Page 1
I won't stand this!!!
A mysterious way through the blizzard!

- Why are we the product here!!

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Page 2

- Look at the rest of us, nobody would buy a product like that.

- Look, the adventuruous woman is screaming.
- HAHAHA, let her do as she pleases, she's about to be offered soon.
- Even if it's only to invade...this is too much!
- You guys can also get a little more angrier.
- Oh no, I think I'm also used to this.

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Page 3
- .....
- Are you cold?
- I'm cool.

Ahh | Ok | Is that so? | Is that really?
I know this is part of the job.

- Well, I'm cold, so I'll get closer okay?
- Do as you please.
- Atchoo!

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Page 4
- Ahhh, it's too cold! I think my ears are going to crack.
- Well, it's a cold mountain. (Goblin Slayer)
- Really, without wearing thick clothes there's no way to move.(Lizard man)

- It can't be helped I think. Keep those fire stones with you to stay warm.
- Shine, shine, Salamander!
- Share with us your heat.

- It's so warmy!
- That was so helpful of the Dwarf!

- You have any rings with you?
- Well, I thought about using them when we get into the castle but,

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Page 5
- This is a ring that magicaly seals your breath,
- Even in the middle of this blizzard, we'll get you warmed.
- Isn't this the same ring that let you breathe underwater?
- Then why,

- Nevermind
| You got all the rings with you, isn't it? | (Priestess face)

- Ohh!
- Sugoi!
- Wow!
- Combined with the stones, it gets even warmer.

- Here, that's for your too..!
- I don't want it, I don't feel cold.

- There's no shame in it!
- Here I'll put in for you.
| I'm not cold | (I forgot her naem)

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Page 6
- Atchoo!
- I'm not cold.
- Don't talk like that!

- Now, you can't run anymore huh?

- Little ones, stay quiet over there.

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Is this huehuehue slayer?

Page 7
- I can already see it far from here.

Yes. Since I don't understand jap yet, I'm translating from the brazillian scan. Don't mind my english terrible english please teehee

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Page 8
- You think they're strong?
- I don't know.

- But I think they're underestimating us.
- Regardless, this is enough.

- HM!

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Elf is at her cutest when she's angry.

- Regardless, this is already enough. **

Page 9


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Is there a place with the whole chapter or is your own download?

Page 10
- It's daijoubu.
- Goblin Slayer-sir and the others are here with us.
- He's coming.


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Page 11
- Is that one the Paladin Goblin?
- Looking at first glance, looks like a simple goblin.

- No


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>Only 22 pages.
This sucks and NF sucks too.

Page 12
- Everything is okay.

- Could we please see the Holy Warrior, sir?
- Ah those two here were warriors that accompanied me.

- And this are our humble offering.
| Communicate: The miracle of word transmission |

- I see, I see.

- Then, I'll find a way.
- For them to not flee in any form.

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Page 13
- It worked, somehow.
- Don't relax, we're only passing through the gate.

- Even having magic,
- At some point I'll still have to learn their language.

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- Don't relax, we only passed through the gate ***

Page 14
- This place was a sacred building
- It's horrible when they don't know the value of things.

- We must do something...

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Page 15
- This way.
- It seems like we should leave the offering there.

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Page 16

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Page 17
- Ahh

- First, put them,
- In the cell.

- But before, we gotta have some fun enjoying the offerings.

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Chapter was very short, in general the main manga has became very short.

Page 18

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This artist really can't draw feet to save his life.

Page 19
- H-hey!!!

Page 19

- H-heyy!!

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Holy shit, he really should get a different artist to make the feet.

Page 20 - END


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Boring chapter.

So what we learned today? The artist should be banned from drawing feet and NF is useless.