Lupin Saga

I want to start the Lupin saga. Where should I start?

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Watch the first one
Then watch the second one
Then the third
and so on. You can do this with literally anything, not just Lupin, you retarded piece of shit.

watch the italian saga, it's a good example of classic lupin.

Part 1 episode 1
What kind of question is that?

watch the original 1972 series
then watch the film about Mamo
then watch Cagliostro
then the series about Fujiko Mine
then the 3 new films about Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko

you can skip most of the rest

watch Cagliostro and then part 3 and 4

>then the series about Fujiko Mine
opinion discarded

The latest season (S5) was really good, if you don't want to go old school right away. (S4 was bad, though)
Else, watch the old seasons 1,2,3.
Or just watch random movie, they are all stand alone.

You don’t have to be rude about it, OP was just curious.

>opinion discarded
I know it was the weakest point in my list, but it was not bad. It just had some plot holes and a confusing narrative

can I watch S5 without having seen S4?

Yes. You actually should.
S5 has like 10 seconds of obligatory S4 reference.

You can practically pick up any Lipin series on it's own.

>skipping par 2, 3, 4 and 5
>recommending fujiko mine series
This has to be the dumbest take on the series I have ever read

Lupin is mostly auto conclusive stories,part 5 has references to others but it isn't like you would feel any nostalgia if you watched those the same year.

Sure but I think part 5 would be appreciated more by ling time fans of the franchise, and not only because of the occasional references

It doesn't really matter what order you watch them in: there's no real continuity between the different parts besides featuring the same main characters, and any differences in their behaviour will be the result of a different writer rather than some major event you missed.

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Part 5 is basically more of Part 4. It actually bugs me that they're considered different parts but use the same color. They combined should be Part 4.

Yeah, it's the one same retard posting it in these threads and ruining the experience for the newcomers
He also has a fetish for the Dezaki specials which range from bad to extremely mediocre

Goemon joining the crew is the only piece of continuity in the series until part 4.

But they didn't even recommend those.

They're fine, even though still far from the best. I just personally expected way more from that director, but then again my first experience with them was perfectly enjoyable and I had no clue who was attached to them since I was a child

Maybe it's a different guy, but their viewpoints are too similar
It's probably the same guy, he still puts Mamo and Cagliostro over Dezaki's stuff which would explain him not mentioning the Dezaki specials
Then again, I know he has a pasta of his post made which he posts, so it might not be him after all

Napoleon's Dictionary has a few standout moments, and the heist from From Russia with Love is solid, but everything else is disappointingly mediocre, especially Hemingway's Papers which is the most forgettable special alongside Princess of the Breeze
I guess they're alright to watch if you're a completionist, but it's far from what Lupin newcomers should watch

You start from the beginning

I'm a newer Lupin fan.
>a handful of Adult Swim Pt. II eps as a kid.
>Castle of Cagliostro
>Pt. IV
>Pt. V
Part IV is probably the most accessible to newer fans, in my opinion. It looks great and is fun to watch. The people insisting you start with the series from the 70s are probably Italians.

>then the series about Fujiko Mine
Why do you fags on here keep recommending that garbage? I got meme'd into watching it and it didn't even feel like feel like a Lupin related series. All the characters were absolute caricatures of themselves.

>The people insisting you start with the series from the 70s are probably Italians
I mean, I am, but it's a fairly easy guess since it is either wops or frogs who are fan of this franchise

Which color Lupin was the best?

I am partial Towers green, bit pink jacket is /fa/ as fuck

Start from the green jacket show then watxh whatever the fuck you want in any order as long as you avoid the woman named fujiko mine

Why do everyone hate the woman called fujiko mine series? I haven't watched it yet, I'm pretty new to Lupin, still watching part 2, but from what I've seen the art is really good.
Is the story THAT bad, or is it just because it's not a good starting point for the newcomers?

I'd argue that 4 puts too much time on characters that never appear elsewhere to be an ideal introduction to Lupin.
Personally I'd say part 1 is as good a place to start as any, and I'm not even Italian. Admittedly I didn't find some episodes very engaging, but there were still some great ones, it provided an explanation for stuff like Goemon joining Lupin, and set the standard that later parts would follow.
If the old animation is too jarring then try easing into Lupin with part 5: it's a lot more modern, but also has a few throwback episodes trying to replicate the styles of the first three parts. The pink jacket one didn't feel anything like part 3 to me, but other than that it could help you figure out where to go from there.

Part IV would be my favorite if the main plot (revolving around Da Vinci) wasn't shit