Why are shows for little girls like this?

Why are shows for little girls like this?

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you tell me

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There's nothing weird about this, it's just the heroine getting captured and tied up. It only seems perverted if you already have a bondage fetish, like how pitfags insist every girl with her arm raised is fapbait.

Little girls spend a lot of their time thinking about being tied up and violated.

To get them used to it.

If something involves a girl at all it's inherently sexual. That's how it works.

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>that broom
Hng. Lord, what a fucking dirty whore , how can this be aired on children's TV? This is practically porn.

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Rei looks top-heavy.

Moon makes you a LUNATIC

All the Senshi are rather busty for average weight Japanese Middle Schoolers.

Imagine tying up Usagi with her own hair.

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Reminder that in the manga her hair grew to near Rapunzel levels after awakening to her past life as Princess Serenity

I recently watched kaguya-sama and realized why she's actually called usagi.
Because of the Japanese seeing a bunny with a mochi hammer instead of a face on the moon.

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Congratulations user you figured something anyone with knowledge of Japan figured out decades prior.

It's obviously not for "little girls".

Straight from wikipedia
>The target demographic for Nakayoshi (like Ribon and Ciao) is girls of age 8–14

Because little girls are future whores.

You cracked the code.

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Is it wrong that I have always seen it as a bunny stabbing another creature?

Nakayoshi ("inside is good") is just prep for future nakadashi.

>The target demographic for Nakayoshi (like Ribon and Ciao) is girls of age 8–14
Yes, and the Sailor Moon manga targeted the older part of that audience. Nakayoshi also had a few manga that were actually for "little girls" at the time, and it's easy to spot the difference. There were a few that were all comedy and games (one literally included simple pencil puzzles each volume) and there were those with drama, lovestoties, violence and body horror. Guess where Sailor Moon falls. Not one single manga was targeted at the whole range of readers Nakayoshi had.
Oh, and Nakayoshi famously had a sharp spike during Sailor Moon's runtime/airtime, especially during the Infinity (S) arc. That indicates a huge interest in people who were not usually buying the magazine, because they weren't the usual target audience.
Furthermore, Naoko herself has stated that the Sailor Moon anime being different is a testament of how much larger a demographic it was aimed at. And, yes, this obviously included adults.

>Tsukino Usagi
>literally "Rabbit of the Moon"

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>Kino: of the tree
>Mizuno: of the water
>Hino: of the fire
>Aino: of love
The puns are pretty obvious for a Japanese

I've never seen the face of the moon. The bunny makes more sense.

Really, the more interesting name, and the only one that doesn't follow an obvious pattern, is Hotaru's: 土萠.

What if I don't have a bondge fetish but I find her hot by herself under the ropes?

First kanji is used in the word Saturn, but can also mean soil, ground. Second kanji is budding, sprouting. It's not an blatant joke but you can see a meaning behind. I don't think it's a word that exists in Japanese though.

>Second kanji is budding, sprouting.
And the second kanji of the Inners' names means "field". Obviously, that's not part of the pun, if there is one. It has been suggested that the name is alluding to this instead:

Why would shows for little girls not be like that?

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Tell me that after listening to all the moaning.

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I think my headphone’s broken, I don’t hear anything.