Kimetsu no Yaiba

Finally, the endgame has been confirmed.

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she's dead next chapter

We did it Kanaobros!!

Gayuufags get the rope.

>the endgame has been confirmed.

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>Implying Wani wouldn't just made it platonic till the end.

endgame was confirmed a long time ago user

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Has Zenitsu been beheaded yet?

Bros... How can we stop CHADnitsu from impregnating Nezuko?


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Doushino is the endgame.

yeah, as the pics you've posted shows, InosukeXTanjiro is endgame and Kanao looks at them crying with the BL stare.

Tanjirou and Bosr will spitroast Kanao

he's stopping himself

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wait, she lived?

how many kids?


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>Inosuke x Tangerine endgame

imagine tanjiro fucking inosuke's pink pig nose pussy hahah

If Tanjiro starts next year and dies at 25, 9 kids.

please don't fuck the boar mask it's literally a corpse

That's what next chapter is for.

Cute and canon. The manga can fuck off just as long as I get closure with them.

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>snake and love are really dead

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herofags btfo

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People die when they are killed user

The information regarding the release of future Kimetsu no Yaiba volumes will be postponed and decided in the future. Volume 21 will be released in July. Meanwhile, 22 and 23 won't be announced for now.

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>retards still in denial

nearly not enough
imagine 00


>I'm sorry, Kanao...I'm Inosuke-sama's wife now

Was Tanjiro the strongest demon in the series?

Tanjiro will start with the first 10 by mating press her on the ground.

Could have been for sure.