Imagine the smell

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Which one of these big women would be the most potent?

I'm going to say Kirisame, Kohaku is close second. Nikki actually cares about her smell.

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Well, i don't know about the other two, but Kohaku lived in a coastal village that had rivers and waterfalls nearby.

Usually, those kinds of people have no problem with the bathing part. Really, the problem comes when you're in the middle of the winter and the only place to get water is an gelid-ass river.

Girl on the left is from modern times so probably used to modern hygiene standards.
Girl on the rest lived near the sea.

I like anime tiddies, but that is too many tiddies.

Well, but isn't she from an island?

Bathing in the sea wasn't a concept for every single civilization. Regardless, they had to have some non-saltwater sources since they actually survived for so long.

So really, i reckon this whole "they smell" thing is a fetish thing and they would smell as good as one can in a world without advanced deodorants and industrial production of shampoo. And showers.

>no soap
That rope is a biological weapon

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>she's strong and cute
>here on the next page we can see her getting gangraped
Never gets old

Didn't Senku introduce soap a long ago? Soap is like, also one of the most basic things there is, so you'd think that the original crew would have put it in the hundred tales.

Regardless, river bathing does a pretty good job of cleaning sweat, which would be what she'd have the most.

>the smell is so bad it's burning their eyes so their faces are stuck like that

I would think despite the soap she'd use it rarely because living like that all your life you would get used to your own smell.
She might wash herself more often now since Senkuu groomed her for the harem selection. She even likes to dress up now.

These 3 smell the worst

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There's a difference between washing less and just straight up not washing. Kohaku is active and all, but i don't really see any reason why she wouldn't use soap when bathing. It's not normal to enjoy being dirty and sweaty, not for humans.

She's the blunt type. She'd be fine with just soaking in the river. Unless Senku asked her specifically.

Ok so, place your bets, will they run into natives or revive new people?

I'd love some iron age natives

But would she be fine with it though? I mean, she'd have no problem with just going in a river if she had stuff to do, but if she has easy access to soap and is already going to take a full bath (not just entering the water, splashing yourself and leaving) then i don't see why she wouldn't use it.

Kohaku's a tomboy for sure, but she's not some kind of pig.

>she's not a pig
Yet everyone is kind of disgusted by her

I don't remember she being the one people are usually disgusted when it comes to that kind of stuff. If anything, people are more shocked by her behaviour. At least that's how i remember it.

Ruri and Kohaku look pretty much identical. To believe her mannerisms are so out of line that would make Chrome call her a gorilla without any other differences is a bit odd.

They call her a gorilla exactly because of her behaviour. She's strong as fuck, can get violent way more often that what you'd expect of someone who looks like her, etc.

That's why she gets called gorilla, or lioness (though from what i remember it's Senku who calls her that), because of her actions.

I want to fuck that gorilla so bad

You think that's the only reason? Gorillas don't smell all that fresh either.

Which one?

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Yeah, but i doubt that's why they call her a gorilla. I mean, they've never actually met a gorilla, how would they know the way they smell?

I just want to see black people

I hope they run into natives that are basically faux indians.

That'd be cool.

We didn't sniff a gorilla either and know they smell bad. I'm not saying it's just the smell. The whole package.

For what reason?

When i say faux, i meant that i don't actually mean native americans, the race, but rather people who are pretty much just americans who began living like them.

What tech level are we talking?

>this arc may introduce the first canon POC character.

Why does the girl on the right have 10 boobs?

But we are from the XXI century, we know what a gorilla looks like, and we know that it smells bad. And if you're not a weirdo, you've also seen a gorilla in a zoo or something.

The villagers only know gorillas from the hundred tales, so it'd be weird for them to know that they smell bad.

The point is, i feel like this entire "Kohaku smells" thing is an complete exaggeration of how badly people smelled before in ancient times and also mostly because of people who have a smell fetish.

But the revived people are Japanese.

I reckon how the late tribes of america were. So they'd have rough iron tools, horses, etc...

They are currently in San Francisco.

I think he means the fact that they'll probably revive americans.