Do you think that people are tired of long running series?

Like do you think that the manga readers are tired of over 400 chapter series, especially after Naruto and Bleach ended?

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We know for certain they aren't based on what's popular in Japan you retarded shounenigger kill yourself

Really? Because interest in long running series have been reduce in recent years.

New people are born every second user, and they aren't tired of anything yet but attention spans are lower these days.

But the longer a series go on, it quality usually drop.

They aren't, but most people prefer anime to manga these days.

Yeah, that's why they're always on top of the popularity polls.

I doubt it, in seinen at least it's still normal but they aren't practical for anime anymore. I don't think anybody likes the 500-episode anime thing anymore and anime is how most people remember these franchises.

I think the problem with most long-running shonen is that there's just... no plan. They set out their premise and make it so it can continue for as long as jump wants to milk them, but they do not think ahead of what they want out of the story. Biggest example of this is BnHA, where it's clear the author's just pulling shit out of his ass to extend his series to reach "long-running" status. It's how you get series that thematically shit the bed like Naruto did in its final act. There's rarely any thought put into a long-running series aside from keeping it running as long as possible until quality nosedives and the story is begging to end.

OP is OP so of course it still popular, it's so long and have build it fanbase for over 20 years that interest in it will hard to waved. However reader now seem to prefer series require less investment.

No, because most of those fans started 20 chapters in. If you're late, then you're 300 chapters too late.

I guess it's all about the quality of the manga. One Piece is nearly 1000 chapter long and it's still holding up to people's expectations.

Bleach was completly washed up by the time it ended and the same could be say for naruto

Jojo, One piece are special because they always bring something new

Come again?

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They aren't in Jump, the most successful manga magazine but maybe are in Magazine, Sunday and Champion which are much less popular. Even in cases like Young Jump where Kingdom is the most popular, the other hits are much shorter (Golden Kamuy and Kaguya) and will not get to 400 chapters.

> One Piece is nearly 1000 chapter long and it's still holding up to people's expectations.

I quit One Piece 10 years ago and shit on it today. It's nowhere near the quality it once was, since it's clear as day how Jump is trying to unnaturally extend it.
I'm conflicted though. Jump will die if One Piece ends, but Jump living this long did give us Promised Neverland and KnY. So maybe OP being shit is a necessary evil.

>One Piece is nearly 1000 chapter long and it's still holding up to people's expectations
Eh, not really though. The quality went down nowhere near as hard as BLEACH and Naruto, I agree, but it has certainly gone down, and the series is finally starting to get the same long-term fatigue of other series with the sales going down. I would love for Oda to start resolving stuff quicker so we can finally get to the ending.

Big shounen is a perpetual momentum machine where peer pressure will drive people to read it even if it's not good. Just being there as a pillar is enough to keep it popular.
Goddamn look at Kochikame.

Oda can't just dangle a carrot at the end of a stick forever. I only follow OP to learn about the Void century shit but the fatigue and frustration are real.

> I would love for Oda to start resolving stuff quicker so we can finally get to the ending.
Luffy running from Big Mom is a big FUCK YOU to anyone who loyally read through Whole Cake Isle. You can't get anymore transparent about how much the plot is getting stretched than that.

It's still holding up to MOST people's expectations, Yas Forums just naturally blows every little thing out of proportion and hates things just for the sake of it.

Kochikame was not an ongoing story, it was much more in line with what you'd expect to be long-running in seinen.

Jump isn't trying to extend it at all, Oda is the bad writer. He puts out so little content, shows so little detail, rushes through important things and still can't stop making ten-chapter filler about some random character no one wants to know about. Jump is just letting Oda do his thing but they aren't pressuring him to extend it.

To loli feet?

I don't know, maybe I'm just too burnt out on it and it clouds my judgement but the series most definitely can't hit even close on the market compared to its 2010-2011 heights. Like honestly, re reading arcs like enies lobby, skypeia, impel down and marineford was more fun than reading any of the post TS arcs for the first time for me lol.

It wasn't dropped despite low sales because it had been in Jump for decades. There was comfort value in adults picking up issues and seeing Kochikame listed.

Both are equally at fault. It’s ignorant to assume it’s solely the editors or the author.

One Piece has the capability to end in 100-150 chapters if Oda cut all the filler, stopped giving everyone a 1v1 fight, and stopped going into flashbacks for every character or villain.

You know we are getting a kaidou flashback, possibly a king/queen flashback, and maybe even some for the lesser mooks.

Excessive exposition doesn’t make a good story great.


Most expectations from a vast majority of readers come from binge reading one piece getting caught up and not used to the pace of a weekly release. Back when I read Ennis lobby it was a pain in the ass to read it week to week.

How long will Wano arc last? 100 more chapters?

>Promised Neverland
that's been literally shit and has gotten progressively worse each chapter since the goldy pond arc though

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Then there’s still
Resolving world government stuff/ revolutionaries
Inevitable Blackbeard war