Chainsaw Man

I want to teach Eel how to make donuts, bros...

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I feel like you need to go back



slow down quanxi reader

I don't want off fujimoto's wild ride.

the Beni-Pawa car combo is the strongest attack in CSM
>so dangerous not even their allies are safe
>even without them it's still dangerous for people who fall off buildings

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W-we getting a new csm chapter this week?

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Fujimoto getting his rest. He can finally spend some time with his beloved sister.


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>You will never shyly compliment the girl you like
>Knowing she's just using you
How do you even live?

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that's nothing
>so worthless no one wants to use you

tell me 'yes' or no pweese

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Enter numbers devil

I want to teach Long how to use western toilet

Would you prefer Yoshida in gakuran or a blazer?

She's not Power, she's potty trained. You should teach her not to eat plates

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cute roommates!

What are they watching

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>Aki is bored
>Denji is sleeping
>Power looks interested
Something about cats

Power looks interested, so its either a movie with a lot of blood and humans dying, or a cat documentary.

>guys are bored/asleep
>woman is hooked
Clearly its Gone with the wind

Lego masters, in this universe everybody in japan watches Australian TV

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Oh someone already posted it

the full thing

quentein taratino film marathon

So Quanxi is a hybrid as well and that eyepatch or whatever is under it is her devil trigger?


And yes.


No, hybrid
Power and Violence are fiends

Well Eel is dead so what's the point?